Video Premiere: TRISHES – “Swimming Pool”

Los Angeles indie-pop artist TRISHES premieres a new video for her single Swimming Pool today on A Music Blog, Yea?. Get acquainted below and read some words about the video from the artist herself:

Hey beautiful readers of AMBY!

My name is TRISHES and I’m a Los Angeles based indie-pop artist. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

I was a pretty loud kid and my voice has always been an important means of expression to me. I’ve always liked playing around with it. Making funny sounds with it. Imitating things: instruments, animals, city streets. That (and being in FIVE choirs growing up) is probably why my music involves a lot of vocal looping and arrangement (which is one of the primary reasons that my moniker is plural). I like to compare myself to Kimbra, Saint Vincent and Lorde, because of our aural similarities, but also because I respect them all greatly as strong female artists. Strong artists, period, really.

I’m really into yoga and food and my dog Nash. He’s a very mischievous pup but a pretty great friend.

I went to the Berklee College of Music in Boston where I met some of the most amazing people and musicians I’ve met in my 24 years. It’s an honor to call them my friends.

Recently I released a single called Swimming Pool. It’s a fun 50’s Motown throwback summer time jam about being really really hot and, well, not having a swimming pool…

Mostly though it’s about having fun despite the things you don’t have. I had the great fortune of working on the video for Swimming Pool with talented director, Julian Terry, and two of my best friends from high school (I know, they look like models). I hope you like it and it makes you smile.

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