Concert Review + Photos: Tyler Ward, Brynn Elliott, Mikey Wax @ The Opera House

Tyler Ward
Mikey Wax started the night off right on time, which is always a bonus for me, and grabbed everyone’s attention opening with his song ‘Only One’ that was an instant hand clapping and arms swaying song with a taste of soft-pop-R&B vibe. He worked the crowd well, especially by getting the crowd to sing along with him during ‘Let you run’. With the majority of the crowd being females, he was smart to do a Taylor Swift cover singing ‘We are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ and by that time, the whole crowd definitely loosened up and knew that Mikey Wax was here in Toronto to have fun.

Mikey Wax
Afterwards, Mikey Wax introduced his song ‘Bottle of Jack’ which is off of his latest self-titled album and you can’t help but become absorbed into his voice and music. And then out of nowhere, he slips in a cover of ‘Get Lucky’ by Daft Punk, into the song with such smooth transition, that it took me awhile to notice. He threw in one of his older love songs ‘Counting on You’ which was an easy song to get the girls to fall in love with. He performed his hit single ‘You Life Me Up’ which made everyone want to dance and sing along with and then finished his set with the song ‘Fall Back In Love’ which you can’t help but snap your fingers to.

Mikey Wax has amazing talent and is a great performer. Without too much production happening on stage, Mikey was up there with only his keyboard, laptop and guitarist Joe, and that was more than enough. He created a very intimate set with both upbeat and romantic songs and he’s definitely a show to go watch.

Brynn Elliott
I went into this show blind and never really heard of Brynn Elliott, but I can tell you now after seeing her perform live, that she is unique. She worked the crowd well with only her being on stage which I have never seen. It was just her and her guitar. She has a soothing, raspy voice that felt like a Bon Iver mixed with Sheryl Crow. She was adorable and talked about the meaning behind her songs; relationships not working out and how her parents got engaged young and are still in love. It was nice and helpful because it helped the audience get a feel of who she is and get on a personal level.

Tyler Ward
With all the shows I have ever gone to, I have never seen and/or experience a show like Tyler Ward’s. He is an internet Youtube sensation. Let me tell you this, do not underestimate Youtube stars. I hope I don’t offend any Tyler Ward fans (you won’t be offended for too long) but I personally did not go into the show being a wild fan of Tyler Ward, BUT, now I am. He definitely blew me away and exceeded my expectations. I really respect him as an artist and I will say that he is definitely one of the best shows I’ve seen.

I’ve gone to concerts where I feel the band/artist is just there to perform because it’s their job, but Tyler Ward was there for his fans. He interacted with the crowd so well which I don’t know how it’s possible. I don’t know if it’s because he’s on Youtube and the internet is such an easy way to communicate with fans. I have no idea. But whatever he’s doing to create that relationship with his fans, he’s doing a great job. He told a lot of personal stories in between in songs, which was great because the fans want to know about him and the stories behind his songs. Tyler Ward even joked with the crowd since the majority of the audience were females and he knew so he was joking with the males at the show asking them to raise their hands if they were dragged by their girlfriends and whatnot. He was even able to get only the men in the audience to sing. That’s how good he was able to work the crowd.

A lot of fans’ lives definitely had been made that night as well. Tyler Ward brought up two girl fans up on stage for a dance off. One of the girls even kissed Tyler on the cheek while dancing with him and he gave a kiss on the cheek back. It was cute. Tyler also brought out an orchid and a personal letter for a fan all the way up at the front. I’m not sure if she cried, but if I was in her position, I would have. Tyler even brought up a fan to go on stage and play Tyler’s guitar and sing along with each other. The things Tyler did out of his way to do those things for his fans is amazing.

Aside from all those memorable moments, Tyler Ward did a great job performing as well. He sang original songs, medleys and covers. There were acoustic bits, and when a band joined him on stage. It was such a diverse show. It was such a good production as well, and they even threw in bits of choreography. It’s definitely one of the most fun and happy concerts I’ve ever seen. Tyler Ward, I applaud you. For people who only know Tyler Ward as someone who sings in front of a camera, don’t be fooled. Go see him live. And for people who don’t know much of his original songs, you’ll still have a lot of fun and entertainment seeing him perform live. Trust me. I would definitely go see him live again.

Tyler Ward

Brynn Elliott

Mikey Wax | Interview

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