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Stereo Off
Dear AMBY and readers of AMBY,

I was wondering how this would work if we put this letter in a bottle and filled it with what would of course be very accurate, almost psychic-esque predictions about the band and everything else, however we discussed this and decided to live in the “now” and go digital and opt for email instead of letter.

We are “Stereo Off“, a five piece indie rock band with a hint of electro. Based in New York City, the lineup includes Sebastian on vocals, Steve on Guitar, Niall on bass, Darren on drums, and Bridget on keyboards and viola (depending on the song, sometimes a mix of both in our live sets!).

The band has just released the first video for the song “Bullet Time” at this past weekend and would love to know what you think.  It tries to capture a retro 70s/80s NYC vibe combined with an homage to classic films in several ways and was done with pretty much no budget by our friends at Dead Red Eyes.

If you’d like to check out more songs, our new EP is available currently for free download at here – and we have a second EP coming later this year.

Currently we’re doing shows in and around NYC, but hopefully can get out on the road to where you are and everywhere else sometime in the near future. 

Thank you. And write back soon!

Stereo Off


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Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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