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Monster Truck
Hamilton rockers, Monster Truck have had a whirlwind of a time since their release of ‘Furiosity‘, snagging a Juno and landing an upcoming tour with Slash. Back to their home in Southern Ontario and a headlining slot at SCENEfest, Monster Truck paused for a moment to chat with A Music Blog, Yea?.

AMBY: I’m here with Monster Truck! So great to meet you guys!

Monster Truck: Hey, nice to meet you.

AMBY: First off, please tell me the First Pitch at the Toronto Blue Jays game was not embarrassing.

Monster Truck: Not at all, Jer threw the pitch and it was, not quite over the plate, but pretty close.

AMBY: It’s not going to make YouTube as one of those ‘Epic Fails’?

Monster Truck: No, he actually surprised all of us I think. Though it might have been promotionally better if it was a YouTube hit. Next time.

AMBY: So as far as embarrassing moments go, have you had any seriously embarrassing moments on stage?

Monster Truck: Just like chords getting ripped out of amplifiers, because our guitar player is a little bit of a maniac, he tends to rip the chords out my amp. Or, I’ve had some moments where I’ve forgotten to turn my tuning pedal off. I think Jer has fallen down a few times, which has been pretty funny, but that’s a lame story. I guess that’s it as far as the embarrassing moments get. We’ve been lucky that the bands we’ve toured with haven’t done any end-of-tour pranks on us, but saying that I’ve probably just started that karma towards that. Now just watch what happens today, it’ll be just the most epic fail.

AMBY: This past year must have just been a complete blur for you guys, with the success of ‘Furiosity’ and still going strong, are you excited to work on new material, or are you happy to continue doing what you’re doing now?

Monster Truck: We’re very excited to be working on new material. We’ve already started incorporating a new song into the set every night. We’re not tired of playing the old stuff, we just know it’s time to starting writing new stuff because we want to have a lot to pick from when it comes time to narrow it down to an album.

AMBY: The new track is called “Shells”, are we going to be hearing it live tonight?

Monster Truck: I don’t see why not! We haven’t decided on the setlist yet, but there’s a very high likelihood that yea, it’ll be there.

AMBY: Do you have a process that you go through when picking your setlist?

Monster Truck: We want to make sure we play the songs that everyone loves, the ones that the crowd will respond best to, so a lot of the singles, the big ones. If it’s a good crowd that’ll chant along, we want to play those chanting songs, but we actually never play the same set two nights in a row. It’s a rule. Everyone takes their turn writing the set for the night. There’s definitely similarities in the sets, but it’s a little differenct every night.

AMBY: What’s your favourite part of festival season?

Monster Truck: Catering! [laughs] Warm weather, being able to just wear shorts and a tank top all day. Seeing a lot of friends, all of the bands you run into during festival season that you haven’t seen in a year.

AMBY: If you guys could curate your own music festival, where would it take place and who would be the headliners?

Monster Truck: Holy crap, it’s gotta take place somewhere near a body of water where people could swim, there’d be some sand involved so you can beach-hang a little bit. Then, wow, what’s our budget? What are we talking here with this fantasy festival? The Stones, or Neil Young maybe, he’d be pretty cool to have, Sabbath- I’d have Rage Against the Machine come back and headline it. Maybe Led Zeppelin and The Grateful Dead while we’re at it.

AMBY: Travelling the world, heading out on a European tour with Slash, what makes coming home to shows like SCENEfest so special?

Monster Truck: It’s really cool to come back to play these shows that are way bigger than when we first started. Southern Ontario is where we began- we basically refused to play anywhere that was too far away because it wasn’t worthwhile. So now to come back and play these big ones, it really humbles you, it shows you how far we’ve come and how many supporters we still have around here. It’s really cool.

AMBY: Lastly, tell our readers something about Monster Truck that most people don’t know yet.

Monster Truck: Oh! Steve’s got a tooth again! It’s brand new. He didn’t have one for so long, but now he’s got one again. This’ll be the first show with the tooth back, so it’s big news, really a big deal [laughs].

AMBY: Well congratulations! Looking forward to the set, have an awesome time at SCENEfest, and check these guys out at Thanks a lot!

Monster Truck: Thank you!


Thank you Monster Truck, for giving us your answers!

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