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Oh Honey
Currently on tour in support of their debut EP With Love, Brooklyn’s Oh Honey will open for The Fray at Toronto’s Echo Beach tonight. Before hitting the stage, the folk-pop duo (comprised of Mitchy Collin and Danielle Bouchard) were gracious enough with their time to give us a call to discuss touring with The Fray, using harmonies, their EP With Love, making honey, and nineties music. Read the entire interview below:

AMBY: Hey you two! Welcome to A Music Blog, Yea? and thanks for speaking with me today.

Mitchy Collin: We’re excited to be in Toronto tomorrow.

AMBY: We’re excited to have you. You’re playing Toronto as part of your tour with The Fray. How’s the experience been so far? Judging from the photos you’ve posted, the crowds look great.

Mitchy Collin: The crowds and shows have been amazing. Touring with The Fray is an amazing thing; getting to watch them play every night definitely doesn’t suck [laughs]. It’s been a learning experience, a whole lot of fun, and we’ve been gaining lots of fans. It’s been awesome.

Danielle Bouchard: It’s been really great. We played a show in our hometown last night, New York, and it was a new venue overlooking the Hudson River. All of our friends and family were there and it was really, really cool. It’s been an awesome tour so far.

AMBY: This tour with The Fray takes you through Philly, Atlanta, Hollywood, and then back to where it all began, New York. What’s the first thing you do when you arrive in a new city while on the road?

Mitchy Collin: It depends. We’re in a band so a lot of our time is spent traveling, especially on this tour. Ninety percent of the drives are over nine hours and we only have a handful of drives that are under that. On the days we do get to explore, I like to check out the local history.

Danielle Bouchard: Local food.

Mitchy Collin: [laughs] The local food. We were in Memphis on our day off and I went to Graceland to see where Elvis lived. A lot of days are spent where we arrive right on time to load in, then sound check, and then have to play a show.

AMBY: I read that you were touring around in a pick-up truck for a while due to an accident. What happened there, and have you encountered any other bizarre stories this time around?

Mitchy Collin: That was pretty much the craziest one.

Danielle Bouchard: We unfortunately, after the Red Rocks, were up in the mountains and didn’t know that there was snow because it was June. In Denver –

Mitchy Collin: There’s snow in June there.

Danielle Bouchard: We hit black ice and sadly totaled our van and trailer. Luckily no one was really hurt. Now we have a new van, though! That was kind of the craziest thing that happened, I think.

Mitchy Collin: That’s pretty much it. That was the most epic thing that’s happened on this tour. Last tour we had some crazy weather; we went from ninety degree heat in Houston, to a tornado in Kansas, to a blizzard in Colorado, all in twenty four hours.

AMBY: Wow, that’s pretty intense.

Danielle Bouchard: That’s what happens when driving from time zone to time zone. It gets crazy but it’s also kind of cool because we get to see all these different places. We’ve pretty much seen the entire United States this way.

AMBY: You’ve been on the road in support of your debut EP With Love. Which songs off the EP are your favourite to play live at the moment?

Mitchy Collin: We definitely love all of our tunes. My favourites personally are new ones because they’re fresh and I like to see how the crowd reacts to them. The songs off the EP are the ones people know and the ones they sing, so that’s always a good feeling.

Danielle Bouchard: I love playing I Love You Will Still Sound the Same because it has a lot of energy and is a lot of fun to play live.

AMBY: Off that EP, I wanted to say that Be Okay is such a good song; it’s a pretty poppy/folky release and your use of harmonies are so lovely. Did those harmonies come naturally between you two when it came to recording?

Mitchy Collin: Yea. Luckily when we started working together our voices blended pretty perfectly. It was kind of like a missing puzzle piece, if you will. I’m obsessed with harmonies; it’s my favourite thing. When I had the idea to put a duo together, I was like, “there will be harmonies”.

AMBY: [laughs] Take it or leave it.

Mitchy Collin: Exactly.

AMBY: I know you two have a deep love of nineties music and have done a few covers and mash-ups in the past. Can fans expect to hear any other covers in the near future?

Danielle Bouchard: Yes!

Mitchy Collin: We covered No Diggity in the past and we’re working on a new A TLC and City High mash up.

Danielle Bouchard: We’re definitely going to start working on a new one, probably for the next tour. Definitely break out a new nineties cover.

Mitchy Collin: Maybe some soulDecision, I don’t know [starts singing].

Danielle Bouchard and AMBY: [laughs]

AMBY: As we mentioned before, you’re both from New York City. I know the music scene there is amazing, but which artists would you recommend our readers check out?

Mitchy Collin: From Brooklyn, there’s a new band called Skaters. There’s another new band called American Authors who are a must-listen.

Danielle Bouchard: MisterWives are really cool.

AMBY: I’ve had the opportunity of interviewing all three of those bands. They’re excellent.

Danielle Bouchard: Oh, nice.

Mitchy Collin: Awesome.

AMBY: For our last question today, what’s something about Oh Honey that nobody knows yet?

Mitchy Collin: Hm, that’s a good one.

AMBY: Thank you!

Danielle Bouchard: I don’t know [laughs] Our band members are all former members of One Direction.

AMBY: [laughs]

Mitchy Collin: I don’t know if you knew that.

Danielle Bouchard: It’s a true fact.

Mitchy Collin: Our tour manager is 6’8”. He’s the tallest person, but apparently he’s super stealthy; he can sneak up on people even though he’s 6’8”.

Danielle Bouchard: We’re not actually honey farmers, but we do intend to have our own brand of honey made eventually. “Oh Honey’s Honey”.

AMBY: Really? That’s a great idea. You could sell that in little bottles as merch!

Danielle Bouchard: Exactly! We would love to get into that.


Thank you Oh Honey, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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