Getting Cozy With: Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business
HI!  We’re Unfinished Business.

We’re a Toronto band and we play and write our own songs.  Mostly our songs are about ghosts, monsters, haunted houses and things we think are funny.

Layla plays bass.  She likes cats better than dogs and she’s 15.

Sita plays guitar and sings.  She’s 14 and also likes cats better.

Fiona plays drums.  She’s 14 and prefers dogs.

We just released our first album, Mix n Mash, on vinyl and cassette.

Everyone says we’re a punk band.  We started coming up with our songs when we were about 11 and they just sounded like that.

We’ve been playing a lot of shows and we’re thinking about trying a different sound when we start writing new songs.


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