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Radio Drive
Hello AMBY readers,

I want to thank you for allowing me to introduce myself and my music. My name is Kevin Gullickson.   I started playing drums at age 7, then added guitar, piano and singing when I was 18.   My biggest influences have been British rock, the Beatles, Stones, U2 and Coldplay with tons of bands in between. I enjoy all styles of music. 

I’m a solo artist recording under the band name “Radio Drive“.   The last band I was in, I named “Radio Drive”, but we broke up.  I decided to go solo and keep the name.    Since I play all the instruments and have a home studio, I decided to continue making music.  I’ve put out 4 CDs in the last 5 years and just released my new single “A Taste of Heaven”.

“A Taste of Heaven” was recorded in LA with some great players, Nick Lashley, guitarist for Alanis Morrisette; Ben Rose, LA session drummer; and Chris Garcia, played bass and produced the song. He’s worked with some amazing musicians like Santana, Celine Dion, Katy Perry and quite a few more.

I hope you like the song and stop by my websites to hear more music.  I love meeting new people and getting emails and shouts.  Send me an email, twitter or facebook tweet and introduce yourself, say hey and let me know what you’re thinking.


Kevin / Radio Drive


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