You’ve GOT to Hear This: Radiator Hospital – “Fireworks”

Radiator Hospital
Philadelphia-based Radiator Hospital are all set to release their second full-length LP Torch Song on the 1st September, with a stream already available on their Bandcamp to check it out. Following on from last year’s debut Something Wild, Torch Song continues along the band’s tried-and-tested formula of tracks which are full of wit and heartache, delivered with the sunniest of complexions as the bright instrumentation keeps things sweet. Sam Cook-Parrott’s childish vocals belie the strength of his writing, and allow the band to uphold a sense of youthful excitement alongside their more mature sensibilities.

On ‘Fireworks,’ however, Cook-Parrott has shifted vocal responsibilities on to Maryn Jones (although he takes up the role on a mirror to the track on ‘Fireworks (Reprise)’ later on). Jones’ delectable and perfectly formed delivery was the perfect choice for a song detailing a state of emotional longing, as the fragility of her vocals accentuates the lack of surety our subject is enduring. Lines such as ‘I think of you often when I’m alone’ and ‘you looked at me as if I was your answer’ cry out for indulgence on the audience’s behalf, but Cook-Parrott’s ability to come up with more substantial one-liners doesn’t disappoint, as Jones closes the song with ‘a little spark doesn’t mean you’re the only one.’ The fact the lyric is displayed beneath the ‘Follow’ button on Radiator Hospital’s Bandcamp expresses the depth involved with that line, with sentimental indie-pop rarely coming in a more appealing fashion.

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