Festival Review + Photos: Edgefest 2014 – July 18th (including USS, MS MR, Said The Whale, + more)

Another solid Toronto weekend is in the books, thanks to Parkdale natives, USS. They headlined their biggest show yet – the 2nd instalment of Edgefest hosted by our very own 102.1 The Edge. My friends and I arrived a bit late, due to the labyrinth of construction, road closures and ttc detours – it was reportedly impossible to get to Ontario Place, but thousands of rock music lovers were determined to make #ThisIsTheFest something really special.

Walking around the Echo Beach grounds, I appreciated that everything was exactly where I left it on Canada Day (another exceptional party) – it was as if we never left – this time, we had NYC natives Ms Mr, and Bear Hands; Vancouver natives Dear Rouge and Said the Whale, and Toronto natives Wildlife with headliners USS. Walking around, I got to meet a spectrum of fascinating people — including some paramedics who were uncomfortable with using the port-a-potties and even the local legend himself who won a private port-a-potty from Edge promotions. I briefly spoke to him about his winnings and he said that it was a very surreal and sanitary experience – with a basket of toiletries including a Rolling Stones Magazine and Facecloth in case he needed some pampering. The facility was open to him and whomever he allowed to use it; when asked if my paramedic friend could borrow it for a few minutes, he politely declined and we were on our way.

I arrived when Said The Whale performed an energetic and frantic set of their catchy sub-pop tunes. I was bopping my way through the crowd and even if people weren’t dancing, I hoped my energy would rub off on them – I can never stand still at a festival – it’s just so good to be there, why wouldn’t you dance? Ms Mr continued the evening at sundown with eccentric outfits and Lizzie’s shock of pink hair and polka dot spandex was the focus of their set. It was definitely interesting to hear them live for the first time, and I especially dug the fact that they did a cover of The Arctic Monkey’s Do I Wanna Know– the crowd went wild, and it was this unexpected cover that gained the arousal of the crowd. I heard several people singing along at the top of their lungs as I walked toward the front of the stage.

The real rock stars of the night were USS when they exploded onto the stage with smoke and strobe lights determined to make their Edgefest show not only the biggest, but the best one yet. Edgefest was advertised with the title #ThisIsTheFest named after their hit single This Is The Best that went Gold in Canada. They presented their plaques at the show and were very humbled and grateful. Jason “Human Kebab” Parsons was extremely grateful for the outpouring of support in Canada, but more so Toronto. He said he loves being in Toronto because we make him work for the attention – this time he was dj’ing while in a headstand position – truly off the hook. It was really mesmerizing to watch people body surf with all the laser beams and strobe lights – it was like Echo Beach was a haven of energy and love, nothing short of what Toronto music lovers have to offer.

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Photos by Kayla Baker () |  Review by Stefanie Romano (@stefaloves)

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