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Captain Capa
Captain Capa are back for their second Warped Tour stint. The German electronic duo brought their synth infused set to the Warped masses for a dancy, energetic set that had passersby stopping in their tracks to take in the show. A Music Blog, Yea? was able to steal Hannes and Maik away from their busy day for a post-set chat.

AMBY: I’m sitting down with Captain Capa, thanks. Hi guys!

Captain Capa: You’re welcome – hello!

AMBY: So this is your second round at Warped Tour, right?

Captain Capa: Yea it is.

AMBY: …and you’ve come all the way from Germany, what are you guys looking forward to most about being back on Warped?

Captain Capa: We were looking forward to meeting lots of amazing, creative people, and we wanted to re-live the feeling of being a huge family on tour that we had last time. Now we’ve been here for two weeks and the feeling is back again and it’s even greater than last time. So right now, we’re looking forward to keeping it exactly the way it is.

AMBY: Being more of an electronic act, how do you make sure the crowds come out and see you at Warped, how do you make sure you stand out?

Captain Capa: Warped Tour has become very diverse- there are hip-hop acts, there are emo-rock bands, and there’s a lot of electronic stuff going on right now. We’re exactly on the right stage for that. we’re on the Beatport Stage that we share with some amazing people. I think we standout because on this stage we are what comes closest to the old Warped bands I think. We still have some emo roots in our music, but we combine it with modern electronic sounds.

AMBY: What’s your favourite part about festival season?

Captain Capa: [Hannes] My favourite part is the catering [laughs] and the weather. The summertime is very beautiful. [Maik] Actually, as a visitor, I don’t even like festivals, I don’t go to festivals anymore. It just stresses me out with the people and everything. But since we’re in a band and we get to experience the other side of festivals, I like it very much because you get to meet so many nice people, all of these bands that you’ve always wanted to see and that parts pretty cool.

AMBY: Speaking of that, do you have any must-see’s at the festival this year?

Captain Capa: We’re both really excited for Enter Shikari. Oh and we just heard the Sleeping with Sirens will be joining the tour for a few days. It’s exciting, we saw them two years ago and they’re a pretty good live band. Also, I’m looking forward to seeing Falling in Reverse, they put on a great show every day.

AMBY: Do you have any bands on tour that you’d recommend to our readers?

Captain Capa: Absolutely, yesterday we finally caught the set from K.Flay and she was amazing. She’s got great songs, a very unique sound, her drummer is amazing, I really recommend seeing K.Flay.

AMBY: If you guys could curate your own festival, despite not being a huge fan of attending, if you could do it yourself, where would it be and who’d headline?

Captain Capa: [Hannes] At home, at the beach. The beach is a very good location for a festival. We come from a very small town in Germany and the culture, especially for young people, is kind of dying there. I’d love to put on a million dollar festival right in my shitty hometown and bring some really good bands there and if that doesn’t work, if people don’t show up to my amazing festival, I will burn the city to the ground, finally, once and for all. [Maik] That’s a good question because all of the music I’m into right now are not really headliners, but of course we’d headline the fucking festival! Then have Weezer and Jimmy Eat World, put on all of these big legends, that’d be great.

AMBY: I’m going to wrap it up here by asking, what’s something most people don’t know about Captain Capa?

Captain Capa: Hmm, we’re very out there, very non-private, there must be something, right? I think people know too much about us, which is something we regret sometimes. From our first day as a band we were super open about everything. We are your buddies, we are the band you can be friends with. So now we’re friends with thousands of people out there. [Maik] Well I have that third nipple [laughs]… [Hannes] Oh, there was one thing we were trying to keep as a secret, Maik just bought a shirt from Breath Carolina yesterday and he bought the tank because we really like the band. So, he’s running around with it all day long and our tech guy who’s also from Germany, looks at his back and was like, “Maik are you aware of what number is on your back?” and he’s like, “no, what number?” He says, “There’s an 88 on your back” and an 88 in Germany means Heil Hitler, so, uh, what the fuck? The shirt is so nice and I’m sure they didn’t do it on purpose, I’m really, really sure, but we cannot bring that shirt back home. I think we have to burn it. Maik can wear it the whole summer long because no one around here will give a fuck, but at the end of summer we will burn the shirt with tears in our eyes. We have to go to Breath Carolina and ask them what the fuck was wrong with them [laughs].

AMBY: Too funny… Check these two out at Thanks guys.

Captain Capa: That was really great, nice!


Thank you Captain Capa, for giving us your answers!

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