Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Lionize

first hit the Warped Tour circuit in 2011 and are back for the full tour this summer. The Maryland-based rock outfit chatted with A Music Blog, Yea? about the relationships they’ve made, the fans they play for, and why you should check them out live.

AMBY: Hey Lionize, welcome to Warped Tour!

Lionize: Thanks, good to be here.

AMBY: Introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about the band.

Lionize: I’m Hank, I play the bass and I’m Chris, I play the keyboard, the organ. We’re a bit of a rock n’ roll band. We play with loud amplifiers and we like our classic rock n’ roll.

AMBY: Have you played Warped before?

Lionize: We did in 2011.

AMBY: What is it about this tour that brought you back?

Lionize: It’s amazing the relationships that you make with all of the people on the tour. That’s really the best thing about it, there’s over 1000 people that travel on tour together every single day. Meeting all of those people and developing those relationships and connections is certainly invaluable to the future of your band. Even if we are a different band than a lot of the bands out here. It’s got to be the longest-running, every day festival tour going on at any given time in the world, so that’s cool.

AMBY: As an outsider looking in, it just seems like pure insanity for you guys. Do you have a favourite part of touring?

Lionize: The 30 minutes that we play our set, absolutely, we love to play music. It’s what we do.

AMBY: I think you’re the first band that didn’t say catering.

Lionize: Really? If you talked to our singer he might have said catering, but no, we’re here for those 30 minutes.

AMBY: Do you have any bands here that you’re really excited to see or would recommend our readers check out?

Lionize: The Protomen are pretty awesome, they’re the most similar in style to us. Bayside is cool, Less Than Jake, of course, is awesome. We met them in 2011 and have played a bunch of shows with them after that because of it. There’s a bunch of great bands.

AMBY: If you guys could curate your own festival, where would you hold it and who would play?

Lionize: It’d have to be in Maryland, that’s where we’re from, the DC area. There’d be some go-go bands, we’d probably try to hire every R&B band that’s still touring, despite how many original members they do or don’t have. We’ll get Earth, Wind & Fire in there, get Tower of Power in there, there’s a whole Pandora’s Box of possibilities if we raise the dead and go back in time. Sounds like a good festival.

AMBY: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you guys?

Lionize: With the internet, I feel like everybody knows too much about us. Though, I don’t think enough people know what we sound like live. Come find out!

AMBY: …and you’re playing every date of Warped this year?

Lionize: Absolutely!

AMBY: Come check these guys out live and find them online at Thanks a lot guys!

Lionize: Of course, cheers!


Thank you Lionize, for giving us your answers!

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