You’ve GOT to Hear This: Seán Grant – “We the Working Class”

Sean Grant
Most times when I listen to an EP or a full album I soon have a personal favourite song within the track list. Not so with Seán Grant though. Even after listening to his new EP “We the Working Class” for many times I still can’t decide which song is the best, simply because all the tunes featured on the EP are equally great, each for a different reason.

The first track on the EP, “I Am The Devil” mainly impresses with its lyrics. In an interview I did with Seán earlier this year I got to know that it’s a song about a young boy growing up in London with an alcoholic father and abusive mother and how the abuse is justified by them because of the mother saying the child was the devil.

On the EP “I Am The Devil” is followed by “Hoist the Sails”, a song, which always reminds me of “Pirates of the Caribbean”. In my opinion this tune sounds really big and has some parts which I really like, for example the end of the track which gives me goose bumps and Seán mentioned to me that it wasn’t even planned but just happened during the recording process. He told me that the very end bit that cuts away to just a spooky vocal was the culmination of trying some different things at the end and he liked the way it came out.

After that comes the song “We the Working Class”. This one also has some brilliant lyrics, e.g. “We the working class, we aim to fill your glass. Cos we ain’t got the time, we’re on production line, where the sun don’t ever shine.” Together with the complete melody it’s a perfect track.

The last stellar tune on the EP is called “Sing to Your Papa” and if I really had to decide which one of the songs on the EP would be my favourite it probably would be this one in the end. This is the track which will be stuck in your head very easily and you won’t get it out of your mind that soon. You’ll immediately find yourself singing along to the quick and refreshing song.

And that’s what the whole EP gives as an impression. Seán Grant’s songs are very refreshing and wonderful to listen to. Furthermore, the themes of the tracks are well chosen and dealt with in a unique way. Seán told me the songs on the EP are about very personal subjects. They are mainly about the background of him and his family. He feels inspired to write about the everyday things that go unnoticed or things people want to sweep under the carpet and rather not talk about. With the acoustic folk and sometimes very bluesy elements in the melody Seán Grant & The WolfGang have created an EP which couldn’t be better.

The only question that is left after listening to the four tracks on the EP is “What now?” I’m sure you will want to hear more from Seán Grant & The WolfGang. Good thing is, you might be able to catch him at a few festivals over the summer and if you ever think of going to see him live but are not sure about, then definitely go and don’t miss this awesome and very talented band.

“We the Working Class” is the debut EP of Seán Grant and his band Seán Grant & The WolfGang. It was released on the 9th of June and if you haven’t bought it yet, you can and should get it here.

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