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Wild Ones
The city of Portland, OR has consistently been giving the world great for as long as we can remember. Even before the Kill Rock Stars compilations of the nineties, bands like the Kingsmen and Paul Rever & The Bandits have made Portland one of the best places to find new music in North America. Such is the case with Wild Ones, a five piece indie band that blends interesting, complex percussion and synths to the regular indie-pop sounds to create something a little different and definitely worth your while. I recently caught up with Thomas and Danielle before they headed for their west coast tour to talk about the band, their sound, and the scene they grew up in. Take a look.

AMBY: What can you tell us about Portland’s music scene, and how did it help shape your debut LP Keep It Safe?

Wild Ones: Portland is ideal for musicians.  The cost of living is minimal, it rains all the time so you have nothing better to do than work on your next record, and there’s a great scene full of young artists. We’re happy to be surrounded by other local bands such as Radiation City, Typhoon, Aan, Genders, Pure Bathing Culture, and My Body. At times it does feel like we’re the fodder that feeds Portlandia … We just love good coffee, reading books, and eating healthy like most people in this town.

AMBY: You’ve been a band for four years now, how has your music changed since the beginning of  Wild Ones till now?

Wild Ones: It’s changed a lot.  This band started as a side project consisting mostly of drum machines and keyboards. We’ve since collected more members and matured into a full band.  We’ve also changed our production methods from bedrooms and small interfaces to a full on studio where we’ve begun to hone our production skills for the next record.

AMBY: Your music is perfectly layered between the synths, guitars, and percussion. Do you plan out your structure before writing a new song or do your songs come naturally through jamming or playing in the studio?

Wild Ones: Our recordings are typically an amalgam of studio sessions as opposed to jams.  We definitely work on things in the studio as a group but it’s more like we’re piecing each part together one at a time.  We like to think of recordings as inherently different than live music so we typically record without thinking about how to recreate it for a show.  Once we’re working out the live set we begin to jam things out more not being afraid to take liberties and diverge from the original recording.

AMBY: What made you decide to release Keep It Safe on Topshelf Records?

Wild Ones: They’re good people and incredibly artist friendly which is hard to find.

AMBY: Favourite song of 2014?

Wild Ones: Hmm… probably Future Islands’ “Seasons”.  We’re always blasting that in our van as we leave town. It’s sort of our anthem right now and it never fails to insinuate a good van dancing session.

AMBY: What’s something about Wild Ones that no one knows?

Wild Ones: We listen to NPR every morning in the van… pretty Wild, huh!?


Thank you Wild Ones, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Reuben Jude Corriea | @ReubReubs

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