Concert Review + Photos: FKA twigs @ The Danforth Music Hall

FKA twigs
New-comer FKA Twigs brought her sultry alien vibes to the Danforth on Friday the 8th. With a full album that had just gone on sale three days before the show, and only two EP’s before that, she almost packed The Danforth Music Hall, at a whopping $35.00 a ticket. That’s an impressive feat for a fledgling, 26 year old UK artist.

I had two issues with this show, the first being a minor complaint. I could just be a veteran crotchety concert goer at this point, or this may come across as pretentious, because I prefer a $10.00 show at the Horseshoe or the Drake over a $35.00 larger venue. If ticket prices are going to be that high, especially this early on for an artist, I would expect a fantastic show. FKA Twigs came out more than half an hour late, and played for less than 45 minutes. Her opener could have been on as long, or longer than her. The other, more major complaint was that I couldn’t hear her over the music most of the time. I could hear the tone of her voice, but not the lyrics at all.

In FKA Twigs’ defense, I’m writing this review as if I have a double personality. She seemed tepid, and slightly nervous on stage, and she still managed to captivate, charm, and sway people with her hypnotizing dance moves, almost channeling a more toned down version of Aaliyah (RIP); her soft voice; and the heavy, bass filled beats, which seep their way into your bones, and make you move involuntarily. She also did go through a large portion of her catalogue, hit all of her singles, including Papi Pacify and Two Weeks. I have also only been to the Danforth three times now for a show, and I’ve always been standing in the centre. This time around, I was off to the side near the front. It’s possible the sound doesn’t reach there as well.

She has all the talent in the world, and I expect the next time she comes around it will cost more, be a bigger production, and that I will get to hear her amazing voice a little bit more for most of the show.

Photos by Benjamin Telford (@bentelfordphoto) | Review by Lauren Morocco ()

2 thoughts on “Concert Review + Photos: FKA twigs @ The Danforth Music Hall

  1. First of all, GREAT pics of The Twigs. I must have been right behind you since I also snapped a few shots from the same side of the stage. I was with 3 other friends and unfortunately we were all baffled by the let-down of the show, something was up and I really don’t think it had anything to do with FKA Twigs herself. The vibe was weird. However she was charming, the music was relatively sharp sounding but considering her dance affiliations, we expected way more movement, diversity in body positioning etc I was so looking forward to this show, as we all were but as much as I really don’t want to say anything bad, the reality is all of my crew was really disappointed!

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