Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Lucius

Before hitting the stage at Toronto’s TURF, A Music Blog, Yea? caught up with Brooklyn indie-pop group Lucius to discuss traveling to Europe, staying healthy on tour, missing home, and modern music — enjoy.

AMBY: So it’s nice to see you again, how have you guys been since last year?

L: Good! Can’t believe it’s been a year. It’s been nonstop. I feel like it’s gone by in a flash!

AMBY: Yeah, you’ve been all over the place. you’ve been touring constantly since then?

L: Yeah, yeah. Except for half of December it’s been pretty much nonstop.

AMBY: But you like it?

L: Oh yeah, really happy to be working.

AMBY: Have you been over to Europe?

L: Yes, three times since November. It’s been a lot of traveling, but it’s amazing to see the world. And I feel like, in Europe, because everything’s a lot closer, you have a lot more opportunity to actually see where you are. It’s hard, because oftentimes you have these long drives and you don’t get to experience the city in the way you’d like, enough to appreciate it. We always try, going to a good local restaurant, but it’s tough.

AMBY: How do you guys stay healthy with all the traveling you do?

L: It is very easy to get sick, but you’ve just gotta kinda…. it’s mind over matter. If you think about how tired you are, you’re going to convince yourself that you’re getting ill. We always all try to be healthy.

AMBY: It’s good to be surrounded by that.

L: We never used to be like that, it was whatever’s cheapest or quickest, but now that we’ve been on the road for two years, you know you have to fuel your body, and you can’t do that with hamburgers.

AMBY: What do you miss the most about being at home?

L: Cooking our own meals.

AMBY: How has touring been going?

L: Really well. Some shows have been selling out, and it’s nice to go to festivals and see your old friends; even if you might not be able to see them play, you get to see them. That’s a big part of these festivals.

AMBY: What’s your favourite place that you’ve performed so far?

L: It changes. We’re so happy to do something intimate and for some people who are just dying to hear good music… We’ve done a lot of good shows in Chicago, and New York (it’s the home town). But also a lot of little shows in the middle of no where. We did this show in this tiny town, and we didn’t expect a lot of people to turn out, but this place was smashing and the people were raving! We also did this show in this dried up old ravine in this field in Texas, with people sitting on rocks at 2am. It just was really special.

AMBY: It’s always more fun when the crowd is really into it, like you were saying. Do you find that Toronto crowds can be a little chill?

L: Well we’ll see!

AMBY: You’ve been lauded as this breach between Arcade Fire and Haim, do you feel that is accurate?

L: Well, we all grew up listening to really different types of music, so we don’t feel like there is really one thing that we’re trying to be like. It’s tough to put yourself in a box like that.

AMBY: Modern music is an amalgamation of all these different styles?

L: Yes, definitely. We don’t have to be labelling everyone with genres. It’s not what it used to be, you can be so many different things. And I think the term “indie” is so vague, and kind of powerless at this point. It doesn’t really mean anything anymore. Because anybody can be “indie.” That’s the one thing that frustrates me still. We’re not an “indie” band, what does that even mean? We’re on an independent record label, but we’ve got pop songs, we’ve got country, we’ve got rock songs. Whatever you want it to be, that’s what it is.

AMBY: You can appeal to a wide range of people.

L: We hope so!


Thank you Lucius, for giving us your answers!

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