The History of Listening From Vinyl to Digital

Music styles and trends have largely come and gone over the years with decades being specifically identified as either the Rock n Roll years or the Punk era to name a few, and music has always and will continue to be the soundtrack to our life.

How we listen to that music has also changed considerably over the last 100 years as we have moved from vinyl, to cassette and then CD, followed by the digital age and MP3, which is how many of us share and listen to our music these days.

Those of us of a certain age, fondly remember vinyl records and unwrapping the latest album from your favorite artist to play on our record player. Despite the inevitable visible and audible scratches that appeared over time, this didn’t seem to detract from our listening pleasure and probably explains why vinyl is still popular with enthusiasts, despite its obvious technological limitations.

Radio was a hugely popular medium in the 60’s and 70’s and was the way that many of the top artists became established, as anyone with a radio could listen to all the latest sounds. Radio broadcasting has of course been around for a long time and licensed broadcasting began in the 1920’s and it too has evolved with the changes in technology, with many stations now streaming live across the internet.

From Walkman’s to Cd’s through to digital MP3, the way we listen to music has changed a lot since the first gramophone record. It will be interesting to see where the next 100 years takes us.

Infographic: The History of Listening From Vinyl to Digital

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