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Courage My Love
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Canadian pop-punk band Courage My Love, the only Canadian act on the full Warped Tour bill this year, escaped the heat on their Toronto date to chat with A Music Blog, Yea? From being the token Canadians on the full tour to being some of the only females on tour, we chatted about standing out and standing up for charitable causes.

AMBY: I’m here with Courage My Love, thanks for chatting today!

Courage My Love: Thank you for having us!

AMBY: It must be exciting here at the Toronto stop of Warped Tour seeing as you’re the only Canadian band on the full tour. How is it to be home?

Courage My Love: [Mercedes] It feels so good to be here. It’s been a crazy hectic day so we haven’t really even had a chance to settle in yet, but it’s been awesome. We ran into a bunch of our friends- we were loading in gear and turned around and were swarmed by people. That’s the Toronto I remember, with all of the awesome fans. [Brandon] As soon as we crossed the border it was a sigh of relief, cell service is awesome.

AMBY: You’re also one of the few female-fronted bands here, are there any challenges to being on tour as females?

Courage My Love: I’d say it’s pretty much the same, though people are really careful around you because you’re kind of considered like ‘gold’ being some of the only girls. The only thing I would consider hard is gaining the respect that other musicians have, though not so much on Warped Tour because everyone here is really cool. It’s a win and a lose. The win is that you get a lot more attention, I feel, and the lose is that people expect you to be mediocre at singing, playing guitar, or Phoenix plays drums. We try to use that to prove that we are musicians and gender doesn’t define talent. Otherwise, it’s pretty sweet.

AMBY: What is your favourite part of festival season?

Courage My Love: The whole thing so far! California was amazing, that was probably my favourite stop so far, but we’re only about 2-3 weeks into the tour so, we’ve got a lot more left. It’s going by really fast and I just don’t want it to be over.

AMBY: Do have any stops that you’re really looking forward to?

Courage My Love: [Phoenix] Today was the stop I was most looking forward to, I was so excited. Montreal is going to be sick too, it’s always a good time. [Mercedes] California was the big one I was looking forward to. I was looking forward to Portland and that was awesome. I think Denver will be really cool, but every stop so far has exceeded our expectations, so I really don’t know.

AMBY: Being the Canadian band on tour, did you have any of the other musicians asking you about what to expect from these crowds?

Courage My Love: [Brandon] All of these bands have been awesome and so welcoming, they treat the Canadians well. [Mercedes] I feel like everyone says how rude the Americans are, but I’ve never met a rude American in my whole life. They’re all so nice and supportive. [Phoenix] I feel like they kind of take pity on us a little bit and take us under their wing, but today, we get to show them around. [Brandon] Everyone is making the “a-boot’ joke a little too much, it’s getting old. [Mercedes] I don’t hear it guys, it sounds the same to me. It always gets pointed out, so there must be something.

AMBY: If you guys could curate your own festival, where would you hold it and who’d headline?

Courage My Love: Tokyo was probably my favourite place that we’ve gone to ever, so probably Tokyo. Who would headline? We would headline it, obviously. Then we’d have like Billy Idol or something.

AMBY: Do you have any must-see acts at Warped Tour this year, or anyone you’d recommend for our readers?

Courage My Love: [Mercedes] So many, it’s crazy. A Lot Like Birds are really great, I love Saves The Day, they’ve been killing it, and Bad Rabbits have been really great too. [Phoenix] Anberlin. I just love Anberlin so much. [Brandon] Every Time I Die, A Skylit Drive, and A Lot Like Birds,for sure.

AMBY: You just released a new EP called ‘Spirit Animal’, tell us a little bit about it.

Courage My Love: It’s the first EP we’ve ever released with a charitable organization. We released it with the Keep Abreast Foundation. We’re selling it for $5 and $2 of every CD goes to the Keep Abreast Foundation. We were just really stoked to do something like that because we had these B-Sides lying around that we wanted to put out, but we were just waiting for the right time to actually release them and then we found out that Keep Abreast were on Warped Tour and we thought this was a perfect opportunity to release them and do something good with our music. They’re an awesome organization, so it’s a charity we can really get behind and a message we can really relate to because we all know someone who in some way shape or form been affected by breast cancer. We’ve worked with charities before, but this is the first time we’ve released an EP for the purpose of giving to a charity. And the songs are good too, so…

AMBY: Along the same vein, what would be each of your spirit animals?

Courage My Love: [Mercedes] I freaking love sea lions, or seals. My boyfriend lives in Malibu so we sometimes go hiking on the beach and we hear the sea lions and sometimes I just wish I could be one of them. They’re having so much fun and it looks like it’d be a good life. [Phoenix] Probably a tiger, just because they’re sick, they’re just awesome. [Brandon] Probably a cat. They just sit around all day and get fed.

AMBY: What makes Warped Tour in particular a stand-out festival for you?

Courage My Love: It’s the biggest punk festival that I know of for our generation. It’s got a lot of hype around it and a lot credibility, all of the bands that they choose are really great. Everyone who runs the fest is awesome, the crew is great and there’s just this camaraderie- you take care of your own, you take care of each other. You don’t bitch, you don’t whine, you just do what you’re supposed to do. It’s just the punk rock mentality, what you give, you get back. Of course too, the fans are amazing. It’s jsut a great festival all-in-all and I love that it’s doing so well.

AMBY: Finally, what is one thing most people don’t know about Courage My Love?

Courage My Love: Should we go down the line? [Phoenix] I read a ghost story on Reddit last night and couldn’t sleep! It was so scary. [Mercedes] The three of us are all the same height, a lot of people probably don’t realize that. well, Brandon is probably a little bit taller, but we look good together. That’s why we chose him [laughs]. We all fit together so perfectly. [Brandon] Phoenix uses the ‘Tom Cruise’, the little wooden block. [Phoenix] Sometimes I’m just too short.

AMBY: Well thanks for chatting guys! Check out the bands site Thanks a lot!

Courage My Love: Thank you!!


Thank you Courage My Love, for giving us your answers!

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