You’ve GOT to Hear This: JJ & The Pillars – “The Wolves”

JJ and The Pillars
They have just won The Next Big Thing competition on 102.1 The Edge radio station. They are a folk-rock trio of young men who have earned their place in the spotlight by having thousands cast their vote for them for the past 4 months. The competition was tough! I personally knew other bands in the running and these guys walked away with it all, for good reason.

Lately when you hear the genre “folk-rock” some things that come to mind are slow and hushed acoustic intros, knee slapping rhythms and crooning vocals (think Of Monsters and Men, or Mumford and Sons), but these boys are different. Their first single, The Wolves, is an explosive, tenacious song that made me hold my breath from the very first measure to the last. It’s filled with rambunctious vigor and the color of the harmonies at the bridge hold such a spell over me. The tempo is charging at you like a pack of real wolves and the vocals snapped into place with a sharpness and clarity that is terrifyingly refreshing. I wish I had heard this song earlier this summer, it would have been in my headphones on repeat during my distance running or marathon cleaning. It is not for the faint of heart.

Congrats to JJ Thompson, Brett Wright, and Stefan Hegerat for the win, and everyone has to listen to The Wolves. Stay tuned for the future of JJ and the Pillars on Dine Alone Records.

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Review by Stefanie Romano | @stefaloves

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