Concert Review: The Pick Brothers Band + The Honeyrunners @ The Horseshoe Tavern

Brothers + The Honeyrunners
The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern had housed a lot of rocking parties this summer. There is no doubt that the historical symbol of good luck has reciprocated week after week as every time I leave those walls, I am astounded with the majik of what just happened. I could ride the tidal wave of adrenaline for days, especially after this night.

Jeremiah, Gabriel, and Casey Pick are a trio of talented brothers, the youngest of which (Casey) just turned 19 a few weeks ago. I was initially drawn to the show for my friends The Honeyrunners – after their memorable EP release party a month ago, my summer needed more! They knew that the crowd wasn’t there to see them, and they went on fairly early, but soon after their first song everyone was dancing in front of the stage, swooning at the smoking hot harmonies and rocking basslines these men revealed. I felt as if I was re-living the same moments of that fateful July night, except it was a good sign The Honeyrunners are consistent! They have a tight, flawless sound and a deep bond with each other that resonates off the stage, these boys have got it together.

To my delight, there was a plot twist this time! The Pick Brothers ran on stage during The Honeyrunners jam: Jet Set and were singing every lyric, sharing microphones, and Jeremiah even strummed the guitar while Marcus held down the chords. Casey duetted with Dan on keys while singing into his mic as well, and Jeremiah even made his way over to Mike on bass. It was an adorable moment that I was able to capture with my phone. I couldn’t resist.

Before the show Dan Dwoskin of The Honeyrunners introduced me to Jeremiah Pick and he was a classy guy – I have no dirt to report on him, and I’m sure travelling in a successful band with your brothers really humbles you. That’s what I like to see. These guys are wrapping up a cross-Canada tour and opening for Sam Roberts Band at the Kee to Bala on August 30th! In my opinion, Canadian Music in the Great North of Muskoka screams the perfect prescription to summer. When The Pick Brothers took the stage I absolutely loved the hooks they were throwing out in every song. I didn’t know any of their music before, but I caught myself singing along. I was standing with another member of The Honeyrunners and he was just as excited as I was, dancing with others in the crowd, bopping his head to the music. I love it when bands that share the same stage are just as excited to party with those that play after them. It makes me over the moon happy.

I overheard some fangirls in the bathroom swooning over Gabriel saying that they wanted to confess to him that their album Pink Lemonade is on repeat everyday in her headphones – she said she listens to it religiously. The girl couldn’t bring herself to tell him out of bashfulness. While the confession was not mine to hear (I was eavesdropping), it did convince me to purchase a copy on my way out. I love supporting local music (a rigid mantra of mine), and the interaction with Jeremiah earlier in the night ensured that I would have many more positive conversations with him in the future.

Listen to their Debut Album Pink Lemonade and if you’re headed up North on Labor Day Weekend, they play with Sam Roberts Band at the Kee to Bala in Muskoka.

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Review by Stefanie Romano | @stefaloves

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