Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Xprime

It’s been a crazy summer for the guys of Xprime! They packed in a new album, an epic radio contest, a slew of great covers and an endless amount of energy. Before heading to Toronto for what was sure to be one of the biggest nights for the band so far, Neil and Gab of Xprime sat to chat with AMBY at the Niagara Craft Beer Festival.

AMBY: I’m sitting here with Xprime! Do you guys want to introduce yourselves?

Xprime: Sure, this is Neil Carson, the bass player for Xprime, and Gab Sid, keyboard, guitar and vocals.

AMBY: I’m excited to chat with you guys, it’s been a busy summer for you! You’ve made Top 20, then Top 6 on The Edge’s Next Big Thing. Tell me about that experience.

Xprime: Oh man, I didn’t even know what to make of it. I mean, I didn’t even know we were in the top 200, and then we got picked for Top 20 and that was just a nice surprise. We have a lot of fan support, they helped us get to the Top 6 and it made us realize how friggin’ awesome our fans are. We keep talking about that- we have crazy fans! It’s been great for our social media, posting lots of videos promoting it. It’s been nothing but good!

AMBY: The list of prizing is quite impressive. Have you discussed plans for the prize money?

Xprime: A little bit, but we’re trying not to get ahead of ourselves. We actually had a meeting with Dine Alone.They wanted to see what all of the bands are like, and the thing that they wanted to make sure of is that the band who wins just doesn’t go out and buy a bunch of guitars. There’s some really important things that a band can use that money for at this point in their career. We’ve discussed using it as a way to push our album, and maybe doing a re-release with more songs, like a Deluxe Edition and a vinyl. Definitely a vinyl. They’re expensive, but it’s something we’ve been wanting to do. We’d want to make use of all of the prizes and the help from Dine Alone to push it to a bigger audience.

AMBY: It’s stuff like extended editions, more tracks and vinyl, that keeps fans as engaged as yours, happy.

Xprime: This album was recorded and called “The Album”, at least in my mind, with the idea of getting it onto vinyl in the end. I’m really stoked for the vinyl.

AMBY: You released your new album “The Album” in May. For those who haven’t picked it up yet, tell our readers why they should check it out.

Xprime: Good music. Good listening. If you want to get to know who we are, the best way to do that is through the music. If people just want to have some fun, listen to this album. It’s a ‘feel good’ album. Feel good album of the year! Self proclaimed [laughs].

AMBY: I love the variety in your cover material. How do you choose what song to cover next?

Xprime: I don’t know, but we should choose another because we’ve been doing a lot of the same ones lately. We’ve been doing a cover of The Sheepdogs, which is awesome, and The Beatles, and Arctic Monkeys, but if there’s a new song that we’re listening to and we all like it, then we learn it and insert it into the cover set.

AMBY: The energy in your performances is infectious! You seem to have so much fun. Has this enthusiasm ever caused you any truly embarrassing moments as a band?

Xprime: Sometimes you run too far and your patch chord falls out on stage, little things like that, whacking people with instruments…

AMBY: Did I see something about a car crash?

Xprime: Yea, that was due to our lack of energy. We fell asleep. It can be dangerous to have too much energy, but it’s definitely dangerous to have too little. We should balance out a little more, both extreme’s is all we have. We’re either asleep or flying [laughs]

AMBY: Lastly, since you’re playing a craft beer festival, if they’d allow you to create an Xprime beer, what would it be called and what would it taste like?

Xprime: Hmm, Xprime Rocket Sauce? [laughs] If that’s what it was called, it would be thick. It wouldn’t be an actual sauce, but it’d be thick and dark, like a Stout. It’d be nice and creamy, and somehow you could fuel your car with it. That’d be great.

AMBY: Beautiful!! Thanks a lot guys, you’re awesome.

Xprime: Thank you!


Thank you Xprime, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Shannon Bryan | @xoradioxo

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