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My name is Christopher Smith, and I’m in a band called DRALMS.  I started Dralms a couple years ago with long time friends and collaborators – Shaunn Watt, Will Kendrick, and Peter Carruthers who in the past have backed me in my work. Although I am also the primary songwriter for Dralms, what makes this band differ from our past projects is our creative process. Our songs are steered more now by the band as a unit, and by taking songs in various directions from where they started. Essentially Dralms was a commitment to this new process, and to the new sounds and styles that had been inspiring us. I’m into juxtaposition and contrast in song writing right now. I like the idea that a song can touch on heavier and darker themes while still functioning on a surface and esthetic level. Whether its intentional or not, Id like to think that the dark pop that Dralms has been making achieves this in one way or another.

On Sept 2nd, Dralms released “Crushed Pleats” – our debut two song 7” single, available from Boompa, Fat Possum, and Full Time Hobby, depending where in the world you reside. We are also in the final stages of recording our first full-length album, which will  be released spring/summer 2015.


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