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Burn Antares
Howdy AMBY,

We are Burn Antares, a rock and roll band from Sydney, Australia. We like: music with soul, looking like we know how to surf, expensive wallpaper, helping old ladies cross the street, NASA. We don’t like: Yacht parties we’re not invited to, bad drivers who lose control of their cars and crash into our tour van. We’re halfway through an east coast tour of Australia for our new single Crystal Love. Aside from losing our beloved van in a flaming wreck of emotion, it’s been rad so far! We’ll be putting out our second EP titled “Fur Coat & The Peace Boat” soon. It’s pretty good so we’re expecting to make lots of money and retire in the Bahamas soon.


Daniel, Grace, Sean Thom & Tom


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Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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