Five Favourite Fab Gigs: Dinner and a Suit

Dinner and a Suit

On October 7th, Nashville pop-rock foursome Dinner And A Suit will release their new EP STAY (available for pre-order here). Earlier this month, the band — comprised of Jonathan Capeci, Joey Beretta, Anthony Genca, and Drew Scheuer — released their stellar track Can’t Get Enough, the first single taken from the forthcoming EP. Ahead of a few show dates they have upcoming in anticipation of the EP’s release, we spoke with Dinner and a Suit to discuss their all-time five favourite gigs. Enjoy!


1 – Cannery Ballroom, Nashville, TN

Dinner And A Suit
Photo by Brad Clawson

In 2012, we booked a hometown show in Nashville alongside Imagine Dragons, right as they were becoming one of the year’s biggest breakout bands. This show was originally scheduled for a smaller club and sold out within days of going on sale. The show was then moved to the bigger Cannery Ballroom and again sold out shortly after more tickets became available. This was a benchmark show for our band – certainly the biggest show we had played to date – and it also happened to be our first-ever show with new drummer Drew.  So there was lots of excitement and nerves, but Drew killed it and the energy in the room was unforgettable.

2 – Gramercy Theatre, New York, NY

We were touring with UK band Lawson in 2013 and the New York date was at the Gramercy. This was our first time in this theatre and we were blown away at the room itself with its huge ceilings and beautiful balcony. The room was packed as soon as doors opened, so we were stoked to get on stage. But during the changeover before our set, we had tons of issues with our gear that delayed us getting started and caused lots of stress on stage. But as soon as we hit the first note, the crowd became one of the loudest that we’ve ever played for.

3 – The Loft, Lansing, MI

Dinner And A Suit
Photo by Amber Stokosa

Lansing has become a must stop on every US tour that we do. We’ve made some amazing friends and fans that have become some of the biggest Dinner And A Suit supporters anywhere. The local radio station 94.1 WVIC was also one of the first alternative stations to put our first single “Too Late” into regular rotation. In late 2013, we joined X Ambassadors for a show at The Loft, and we had no idea how many people in Lansing were actually fans of our band. This was one of the first times that we heard the entire crowd singing along to “Too Late.” It was an incredible feeling.

4 – Blue Frog, Mumbai, India

We were honored when VH1 India tapped us as a featured artist for their international series called EMERGE. This marked our first-ever shows internationally and we were thrilled to explore India. It was a whirlwind. We arrived to meet some of the most amazing tour guides that showed us the city of Mumbai, and a day later, we found ourselves playing for a full club of new fans halfway around the world.

5 – Musica, Akron, OH

When we show up in cities for the first time, we’re never quite sure if anyone in town is aware of our band. We don’t know if anyone will show up or how people will react. We couldn’t have been more surprised the first time we played Akron, Ohio. The room was packed with people who were singing every word. It was such a crazy feeling and by far one of our favorite shows. We were up for hours after the show because we were so pumped up. It was a truly special show with lots of amazing people that we won’t soon forget.


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