Gimme Your Answers 2: An Interview w/ BROODS

With the recent release of their debut record Evergreen, electronic-pop duo BROODS are currently on a North American tour supporting soul artist Sam Smith. The New Zealand-based siblings — Georgia and Caleb Nott — last spoke with A Music Blog, Yea? back in May, so it was a pleasure catching up with with BROODS’ Caleb Nott over the phone to discuss concentrated writing processes, touring with Sam, being raised in an entire family of musicians, and almost setting their house on fire. Check out the exclusive interview below, and download Evergreen on iTunes here.

AMBY: Hey Caleb, thanks for catching up with me today.

BROODS: No problem.

AMBY: Since the last time we spoke, you released your debut album Evergreen. Congrats on its release.

BROODS: Thanks so much.

AMBY: What was the experience like creating your first-ever record?

BROODS: It was pretty quick. We did it in about five weeks which I liked because it was a very concentrated writing process. We didn’t really have much time for any bad ideas; as soon as we thought something wasn’t working, we’d throw it to the side and start something fresh. I liked working that way. It was a development of the EP and hopefully people love it.

AMBY: In that five week span, what was one of the highlights you had while recording Evergreen?

BROODS: The last five days.

AMBY: Why’s that?

BROODS: We wrote the last four songs in the last five days. Those are some of our favourite songs so it was a really good space that Georgia and I were in. Ideas were popping out everywhere and it’s cool when you’re in that space because you feel a little invisible when you’re pushing out songs like that.

AMBY: In support of the album’s release, you recently finished your Aussie Tour and just started touring with Sam Smith. I read that you went to a Sam Smith show the day you signed your record deal to celebrate. What’s it been like to actually go from being fans to actually touring with him?

BROODS: It’s pretty crazy. The show that we went to, that night back in December, he was playing at the The Troubadour in LA which is a four hundred capacity venue. Now he’s selling out The Greek Theatre two nights in a row. It’s mental to see where he’s going and it’s so cool to be part of the tour he’s on right now.

AMBY: You’ve both had so much growth since then.

BROODS: There’s so much hype around him right now and it’s a really awesome opportunity to share our music with a whole lot of different people.

AMBY: Since the release of Evergreen, how are the new songs being received live?

BROODS: Really good. I hope [laughs]. No one has told me they hated it, so I guess that’s good?

AMBY: That’s a good sign, usually.

BROODS: It’s quite a contrasting scene so there have been a few different vibes going on both emotionally and musically because of the album.

AMBY: You’ve toured internationally with the likes of Ellie Goulding, Haim, Chvrches and MØ. When it comes to your idols, who would your dream tour be with?

BROODS: That’s a hard question. I’m going to say… I have no idea!

AMBY: [laughs] There’s no one you’d like to go on the road with?

BROODS: I’d like to go on the road with another New Zealand artist. Kimbra, actually. That would be super fun; her band is bloody awesome.

AMBY: Before doing this interview, I asked readers if they had any questions for you. Now I’m not sure if this actually happened, but someone wanted us to ask you about that time you almost set your house on fire…

BROODS: Yepp. We did almost set the house on fire one day.

AMBY: What exactly happened there?

BROODS: We came home from school and Georgia thought it would be a great idea to deep fry apple slices. We just did it how we thought we should do it – we put a lot of oil in a pan and chucked in a few slices and thought that would work. Of course, the oil caught on fire. No one had ever told us not to put water on oil that’s on fire because it blows up, so it blew up and the ceiling turned black.

AMBY and BROODS: [laughs]

BROODS: It was pretty crazy.

AMBY: Speaking of your home, you were raised in an entire family of musicians. Did you feel a lot of pressure to become musicians being born into a musical household?

BROODS: Not at all. There are a lot of musicians in our family, but it’s all for fun. Not many of us are actually professional musicians so it was more like a leisure thing for a lot of people in our family. There was no pressure to go and be a professional musician, that was just something that we aspired to do.

AMBY: Knowing your band member since you’ve been born must be an interesting dynamic. What would you say is best part of being in BROODS?

BROODS: That — being in a band with a sibling… You can give each other as much shit as you want and no one cares [laughs]. They’re someone that understands you when you’re being totally sarcastic, if you’re angry they just ignore you, and it’s great how they understand you inside and out.


Thank you BROODS, for giving us your answers!

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