Getting Cozy With: Andy Ruddy

Andy Ruddy

I’m Andy Ruddy – a Singer-Songwriter from Bradford, England. I live just outside London and my Debut E.P ‘On This Great Day’ is out this Monday the 29th of September.

The song ‘On This Great Day’ is about feeling constrained by an institution of some kind. I think everyone has probably felt like they were being processed or silenced at a certain stage in their life- whether it be in a school, a college or a job. Musically, it is hopeful and optimistic. It’s about the feeling of freedom you get from leaving those situations.

‘On This Great Day’ fits into the broader concept for my album (the title of which is still highly confidential). The record is a timeline starting with youthful exuberance, moving towards something darker and more reflective. I’m looking forward to putting it out into the world sometime next year.

My style as a songwriter is quite direct lyrically. It must be the no-nonsense Yorkshireman in me! I like songs that say something a bit unusual. Frank Turner, Guy Garvey (Elbow) and Ed Sheeran are modern day songwriters of this type that I admire.


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