Getting Cozy With: Polar States

Polar States
Somewhere on a street corner, there’s a gang with a few cans, a smoke, and a dream.

Somewhere in a terraced house there’s a man who worked all his life just to give his wife and kids a decent state of being.

Somewhere in the heart of one of the roughest estates in England, there’s 4 lads who are incredibly proud of the highs and lows and the reality they share.

They’re called Polar States.

‘In our first rehearsal, we wrote a song called, ‘The Streets of Who You Are’. It came from nowhere but it cemented what we should be writing about and who we want to become.’

‘Concrete’ followed soon after; inspired by a homeless couple Paul met when he started handing out his leftover party ale at Christmas to the homeless.’

‘No one feels like they’re representing the North of England right now. Not that here is the only place with a struggle, but people don’t seem to be proud to be working class and living with nothing but a dream. They should be. It’s all most of us have.’

‘There’s massive hearts and souls in people with nothing. You find an escape in each other, a shared state of highs and lows. That’s more powerful than anything money can buy. Polar States is that. 4 everyday lads with a dream.’


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