Playlist of the Week: Back to School

Playlist of the Week
I just graduated university, so this may be more of a commemoration playlist than anything. However, because I’m repulsed by boredom and can’t stay put for too long, I’m still attending classes for fun and therefore feel apart of the whole back-to-school mentality. I find myself in a love/hate relationship with school, one that has been much more dramatic and more pro-longed than any love/hate relationship I’ve ever experienced. To my family, education is vital, to say the least. I received a voicemail from my Dad today saying, “I hope you like your new position at American Apparel, but I’m glad you want to pursue your education, you wouldn’t want a job like that forever. Oh and be careful when walking on busy streets, don’t stay up late dear. Stay away from boys.” Don’t worry mom and dad, education will give me much more than a boy or American Apparel ever will. That said, these songs are dedicated to kilts, books, and glasses, to school and to coming back to it, the only love/hate relationship I keep coming back to.

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Hope you liked it. Stay in school, kids!

Playlist by Josefa Cameron

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