Concert Review + Photos: The Dandy Warhols and Wish @ Lee’s Palace – Toronto

The Dandy Warhols
So, while I was dehydrated and looked like Princess Leah with my spiraly braided hair I managed to stay inconspicuous in the crowd at Lee’s Palace. Also, quick tip, “Sold out crowd” just means really, really big crowd full of Dropkick Murphy fans and old people. The band started surprisingly on time, and played the surprisingly small venue given their brief but sharp rise to fame, complete with respectable roster of hip, poppy songs.

I spent the night sitting next to a speaker that was most definitely physically moving people to dance while simultaneously liquifying my eardrums and producing a bass so bracing that it readjusted my heartbeat and temporarily stopped my breathing. Not to sound like the typical die-hard fan, but they did sound good, even two feet from the speakers.

HEAVY drums, not including the guy beside me keeping really terrible rhythm on the table and bench I was sitting on, but not many can keep pace with Brent De Boer. All the girls in the crowd (and some of the guys) wished they were Zia McCabe.

Banded in 1997, the group experienced fame in 2001 with their much-loved single “Bohemian Like You,” which of course everyone in the crowd sang along to (they old guy beside me didn’t sing so much as slam two beer bottles on the table in a repetitive motion that I’m sure was intended to be rhythmic) and which song of you film buffs out there might remember from Igby Goes Down, a film starring the lesser of the three Culkin brothers.

All in all, my eardrums were sure to walk out on me in the morning, but the evening was a complete success, except for one major drawback, major strobey, although I’m sure it’s probably really fun when you’re high.

I wonder if Fred Armisen has met them yet?

The Dandy Warhols


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Photos by Vincent Rivera () | Review by Emily Fox ()

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