You’ve GOT to Hear This: Headspace – “Soldier”

HeadspaceWe’re all here because we love music, whether writing, reading, photographing, or videoing, we all have the same end goal; to share our love of music. If that’s not why you’re here, then please don’t leave, but do question your motives….I digress. One of the many wonderful things about music is the endless different subject matters that can be covered, and in so many different ways.

This particular song that I hope you take the time to listen to focuses on the subject of war, specifically the individual ‘Soldier’ involved in battle. As you may have gathered from the headline, this song is by the band Headspace, they are a prog-metal band from England made up of 5 very talented and well-schooled musicians who really are at the top of their trade. ‘Soldier’ is from their debut LP ‘I Am Anonymous’ which I would also highly recommend, especially if you’re a fan of progressive music. But back to the song; ‘Soldier’ is a lyrical masterpiece that truly evokes some very strong emotions, these are words that earn your time and demand your attention, and with a backing of a bell chiming and a soft piano the music here is incredibly impressive also, supplying a beautiful and delicate backdrop to Damian Wilson’s powerful vocals.

The message this song sends across is an important one and as such makes it all the more vital. This is a pretty crazy world we’re living in; if it’s not the Global Economy constantly threatening to send so many great nations into recession, it’s a new war in the Middle East which will end in many innocent lives lost. While this isn’t a particularly fun topic to sing about, it needs to be heard and appreciated. It also helps that it’s a freaking good song.

Toby Clayton | @tobyclayton01

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