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Valerie Anne Poxleitner aka “LIGHTS” grew up in small town Timmins Ontario and lived in the Philippines throughout her public school years. 1997 was the year LIGHTS and her family travelled back to Canada and it is also the year LIGHTS became involved with music. During her high school years she spent most of her time writing music and trying to find her musical style. In 2008 LIGHTS released her first single titled “Drive My Soul” in early 2008. In that same year she toured through Canada and the United States. From here she signed to record companies Underground Operations, Warner Bros. and Doghouse Records. LIGHTS’ is a Juno award winning musician and it has been a long 3 years since she has released new music. Siberia is Lights second studio album which was released back in 2011, it won her a Juno for New Artist of the Year, it debuted on the Canadian Albums Chart at number 3, and it also made number 47 on the Billboard Top 200. It is now 2014 and she has just released her new album “Little Machines”. Her single “up We Go” was released on July 23rd, and the music video for her new single “Up We Go” was one continuous take and it took 14 hours to film. With the new album released Lights has begun her “Little Machines tour” and his past weekend she played at The London Music Hall, which I was lucky enough to attend.

The concert took place in London Ontario at the London Music Hall. The doors opened at 8pm and at 8:45pm the opening act “Janes Party Band” took the stage and put on a very good performance. After they had completed their 40 minute set, there was a brief intermission to meet Janes Party Band and buy refreshments and merchandise. At 9:30pm LIGHTS took the stage and opened with a melodic piano intro. One thing that I was displeased about was the lighting. In the perspective of the average fan in the crowd, the lighting was amazing but from the view of a photographer, it was not great. The lighting was more or less focused on the back of LIGHTS and in front of her band, rarely was it ever focused properly on LIGHTS or her band members. This is frustrating because as a photographer having a back lit subject and no light to give her face proper exposure which leaves you with an underexposed image but as a fan in the crowd it would seem as the show looked dark.

Sound at a concert is always important; you want to be able to hear every instrument and all of the vocals being said. Being right at the front, literally touching the stage I had a difficult time hearing lyrics and when LIGHTS was interacting with the crowd. Now maybe it is because I was so close to the stage but, I was not the only one who had trouble hearing these lyrics, I had overheard a group of people talking about it after the show.

Now enough talk about technicalities, to this day I have seen LIGHTS perform a couple of times before this and some of my favorite songs she plays live are “Heavy Rope”, “Where The Fence Is Low”, and from her newest album “Up We Go” — the upbeat pop song really hits the spot when played live and atmosphere when this song is played is intense as everyone sings along. Around 10:45, LIGHTS finished her set and said goodnight to her London fans. But, as always, London couldn’t get enough of LIGHTS! She came out for an encore and played another one of my favorites off her new album titled “Oil and Water”. After her show while waiting to go home, I was very ecstatic about the fact that I saw LIGHTS in concert again, other fans were also very happy with this concert, lots of people were taking photos and I overheard them all talking about the fact they had just seen LIGHTS live, some for the first time ever and others a second or third.

Overall, LIGHTS performing live is a show not to miss. She brings a great live performance, has an amazing atmosphere and she connects so passionately with her fans during her show. With that being said I say this to you, make sure you go see LIGHTS perform while she is on her Little Machines Tour, live in the moment and I guarantee you will leave with great memories.

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Review by Josh Bruder | Website

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