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Well, hello – we are argonaut&wasp.

But, don’t get confused by the two-name title. Since our inception, and as Curt Schibli recalls –  “I remember walking up to the fourth floor to visit a friend when I heard, or rather felt, a blaring combination of afro-house and deep trance from down the hall. Curious, I made my way to the source of the music. With the door ajar I carefully peered in and, in the midst of a dark room filled with changing shades of purple and deep blue, found Theodore Klein arming the decks rocking a sarong and bandana…”, our production duo has enlisted a full live band for touring and recording, including lead guitar player Kevin “The Guitar Guy” Whitehead, bassist Alec “Peanut” Donkin, and drummer Willoughby “The Shark” Morse.

While for now we call Burlington home… a thriving metropolis of craft beers and home grown kale, we are ready to take the world by storm in this upcoming year. Expect an EP released this fall and a new music video to follow.

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