Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake
For more than two decades, Gainesville fivesome Less Than Jake have delivered admirable ska-punk to their ever-loyal (and growing) fanbase. With a total of eight studio records, the band have hit the road for a Canadian Tour and will deliver their music to Toronto fans on October the 18th at The Opera House. Earlier this week, we spoke with frontman Chris Demakes to discuss music industry tips, playing across Canada, and tour diets. Here’s what he had to say:

AMBY: Hey Less Than Jake, thanks for speaking with us! You’ve been busy touring across Canada, where does our interview find you today?

Less Than Jake: The wonderful bustling metropolis of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

AMBY: What have been some of the highlights for this tour?

Less Than Jake: Sold out shows and plenty of manic energy and love from our Canadian fans!

AMBY: I read that you were looking forward to eating some poutine while in Canada (check out Smoke’s Poutinerie in Toronto if you get the chance). Which meals or snacks have become your favourites to eat while on tour over the years?

Less Than Jake: These days, the lighter fare, the better for me. The days of taking a large poutine or large pizza to the stage have come to an unfortunate end. In a nutshell, it’s easier to rock on an empty stomach.

AMBY: You released your latest album See The Light in November of last year. What are your thoughts on the album now that there’s been some time to reflect on it?

Less Than Jake: It’s in the top 3 of the band’s best material. I wish more people knew it existed. You walk a fine line being a band for over two decades. On one hand, your band are “legends” that can do no wrong and on the other hand, the reaction is” oh, those guys”. It’s not just with our band, but all bands that have been together as long as we have. Either way, we are fortunate to still be putting out records and doing what we love.

AMBY: With eight studio records under your belt, which three songs do you feel are the quintessential Less Than Jake?

Less Than Jake: Good Enough, Do The Math ,and American Idle.

AMBY: Many of our readers are in smaller bands just starting up. What advice could you give these artists any tips regarding the music industry?

Less Than Jake: Find the right people that share your vision and goals and work extremely hard!

AMBY: Finally, what’s something about Less Than Jake that most fans don’t know yet?

Less Than Jake: Our trombone player’s dad was a top rated international chess player in the late 1970’s.


Thank you Less Than Jake, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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