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Tokyo Police Club
Their trip to Honolulu, latest record release Forcefield, and book collections are only a few of the topics A Music Blog, Yea? discussed with Newmarket quartet Tokyo Police Club. In a recent interview, we were given the chance to once again give the band’s keyboardist Graham Wright a call to catch up and discuss all things Tokyo Police Club. Enjoy the exclusive interview below:

AMBY: Thanks for catching up with me today, Graham! Earlier this year, you released your third record Forcefield. First off, congrats – we really enjoy the album.

Tokyo Police Club: Thank you!

AMBY: What were some of the highlights you had while creating it?

Tokyo Police Club: Oh man, it took so long. I remember one day we were in the studio and the first song of the album Argentina I, II, III was growing and started to represent all of my hopes for the record. Finally we were in the studio and got a rough mix and I went for a walk with my headphones, walking down the street in Toronto, and it was just there. It was everything I wanted it to be and everything we wanted to see as far as my hopes for the record. Everything came out in this one moment with this song.

AMBY: That must have been a great feeling.

Tokyo Police Club: I remember listening to it and thinking, “this is good.”

AMBY: I’m happy you mentioned Argentina. Did you intend for that song to be a near nine-minute track, or was its origin to be three different songs?

Tokyo Police Club: It happened so early on that I barely remember it not being that. It did have its genesis of three different things, but then we felt they might work together. It was an ambitions thing, especially for a band who usually writes songs that are half that length.

AMBY: I was going through your Twitter feed and fans seem to really love this new record. After the four year wait from the release of Champ, why do you feel fans are connecting to the new album so well?

Tokyo Police Club: I think it’s just really good [laughs]. That’s my opinion. I think with any band, especially if you’re lucky enough to resonate with younger people when you start, you kind of get the privilege of having these people grow up with you in a weird way. Our early music was quite teenage and had a lot of raw energy, and I think that people who were teenagers connected with that. As we’ve gone on, we put more thought into the music and have become more disciplined. Hopefully we’re presenting our music in our newer and more complicated ways; similar to how when you go from sixteen to twenty-six, the world is more complicated. It’s not that people are willing to follow along; it’s that they are following along because their lives are going on that path. It’s easier to stay connected.

AMBY: Yea, I can definitely see the correlation between the two. This album has been keeping the band really busy over the past few months. Then in November you’ll embark on a North American Fall Tour. Which items are quintessential for you to have while on the road?

Tokyo Police Club: I’m trying to bring things down all of the time. My suitcase is so heavy and it drives me crazy.

AMBY: What makes it so heavy?

Tokyo Police Club: Books. I don’t want to get an E-Reader, so I will buy some hardcover books. I have a lot of downtime while on tour so I end up reading fast and then I’ll go to a bookstore and buy another book. It makes the suitcase so heavy – the wheels are breaking and shit.

AMBY and Tokyo Police Club: [laughs]

Tokyo Police Club: We should run a Tokyo Police Club book trade.

AMBY: Some book giveaways…

Tokyo Police Club: There we go. Problem solved [laughs].

AMBY: Something you all were really pumped about was your recent trip to Honolulu. Tell us about that – what was the overall experience like?

Tokyo Police Club: Oh yea, that was amazing. It was to take a vacation. People think that everything we do in a band is a vacation, but it’s really not. We played this festival in Australia years ago and we were talking to the Vampire Weekend guys and they told us how they went to LA and stopped by Hawaii on the way to Australia. We all sort of looked at each other thinking, “why didn’t we think of that?” since it’s right in the middle. It was an insane thing not to do. Since then, we’ve been scheming for a way to go. It’s an American state, they have iTunes there, and there are people who know our band… so why not? We managed to cobble together a concert and go to the beach.

AMBY: Some of your fans recommended through Twitter that you should surf and watch the amazing sunsets. Did you?

Tokyo Police Club: We didn’t go surfing surfing… we rented one of those boards that you stand on with a paddle. I fell off.

AMBY: [laughs]

Tokyo Police Club: We watched the sunset from numerous locations, we climbed a volcano, and we went snorkeling. We were good tourists.

AMBY: Sounds nice. For our last question, what’s the best part of being in Tokyo Police Club?

Tokyo Police Club: There are lots of good parts. We live in different spots now so we don’t see each other that often. When we get to go on tour together, we always get so excited because it’s like seeing your friends after a school summer break. We get to go to these amazing places and have fun and see each other. That’s pretty cool to me.


Thank you Tokyo Police Club, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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