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January May
Canada, it’s nice to meet you. We are January May, an indie pop group grown in Missouri who just recently tumbled down the U.S. to Austin, Texas. Our vocalizers are Kg Lillian and Matthew Campbell, with both on guitar and Matthew tickling the ivory when need be. Our drums and bass specialist is Adam Zimmer, who never misses a beat. Collectively we can have an unfair regicide battle on Halo, but our most favorite options are playing shows, writing tunes, road-tripping late at night to the next destination. Although we never pass up a good Halo session when it’s presented to us.

October 29th will be when we let our debut album “Troublemade” out of the house for the first time. It’s been over a year and a half in progress, and we can’t explain just how stoked we are to set it loose into the world. Our first single “Young” is available now, ready to load itself into any music playing device that will have it. With “Young”, we hope to get our listeners as excited for the album release as we are. And by excited as we are, I mean get custom ice cream cakes made in honor of the album excited. I hope the rest of the band knows that’s the plan.

After winning first place on a music voting platform called Artist Signal in March 2013, we were able to make a debut album release and a move to a city with a pulse possible. We couldn’t be here without the support of our fans, and we wouldn’t be here without the determination we share as a band. We hope you’ll enjoy our eclectic and saccharine sound. You can find us on iTunes and Spotify, as well as stream our single and pre-order Troublemade on

We hope those late night road trips will lead us to some of you soon.

Until next time,

January May


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