Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Meatbodies

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Meatbodies are a Los Angeles-based quartet playing heavy, groovy, guitar-led psychedelic garage-rock. Ahead of their Toronto show this weekend at The Silver Dollar Room, we gave Meatbodies’ frontman Chad Ubovich a call to discuss their new album, stupid tour games, and what else is coming up — enjoy:

AMBY: Congrats on the release of Meatbodies! It’s a great record.

Meatbodies: Rad, thank you.

AMBY: What were some of the highlights you had while creating the album?

Meatbodies: There was a lot of sitting in a dark room and lots of boba tea drinking… that’s about it! [laughs]

AMBY: I feel there are obvious nods to ’60s fuzz pop, psychedelia, and garage rock shown throughout the tracks. Was it deliberate on your end to merge all of these genres together, or did it happen to naturally take that course?

Meatbodies: I never sat down and thought that I have to make everything sound like sixties psychedelia. I think I was just playing songs that I write and was being a guitar nerd.

AMBY: Were you listening to any psychedelic groups while creating the album? Or did you try to tune all of that out when recording?

Meatbodies: I didn’t listen to much music while recording; I was trying to find the sound of the album. I think I’m a fan of a lot of music from the sixties and a fan of rock and roll and that shows.

AMBY: I noticed that most of the titles on the album are one word, was this intentional on your end?

Meatbodies: It wasn’t. I just named them that way and later on I looked at the list and thought, “They’re all just one word. Okay. That’s kind of cool.”

AMBY: You’ve been on the road lately in support of the album’s release. How are the new songs being received live?

Meatbodies: Pretty well — people are going crazy and there are some moshes going on [laughs] and head-banging. It’s one big party.

AMBY: That’s always awesome to hear. Judging from your press shots and what I’ve seen in photographs, you guys look like you have a good time together. What are some things that the band likes to do for fun while on the road?

Meatbodies: I feel like we’re just a bunch of dumb dogs.

AMBY: [laughs] Why’s that?

Meatbodies: We’re trying to find our way and not lose our minds. We’ve been playing a couple of stupid games, like The Circle Game. Do you know The Circle Game?

AMBY: No, I don’t.

Meatbodies: It’s when you make an OK sign and hold it below your waist and you are trying to get the other person to look at the circle and if they look, you get to punch them.

AMBY: Oh, fabulous!

Meatbodies: [laughs] Yea. It’s a game I used to play in high school with my friends. I haven’t been doing too well, so I’m pretty sore.

AMBY: I know that outside of Meatbodies you have dabbled and played in a few other projects. Is there anything new or different you’d like to share that we may not be aware of? Or is your main focus Meatbodies at the moment?

Meatbodies: Next year, there’s going to be a new Fuzz album and I might be trying to write a new Meatbodies album that’s coming this next year as well.

AMBY: To wrap things up, what’s the best part of being in Meatbodies?

Meatbodies: Playing guitar and head-banging.


Thank you Meatbodies, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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