Concert Review: Smallpools, Magic Man, + Waters @ The Opera House – Toronto

It was a great idea to bring Waters out on the Magic Man and Smallpools’ co-headlining tour. Waters brought their beach, Californian vibe to Toronto as they decorated their set with flower props. It was fun to see a flower attached to Andrew’s — the drummer and birthday boy that night — high hat as it jumped up and down. But it was even more fun seeing the band play; listening to them transported me to a feeling of a night out by the beach with a bonfire going. They were energetic and played a beautiful, smooth, yet upbeat show. All the new listeners of Waters definitely became their next biggest fan after their set.

I could explain Magic Man’s set in three words: Beautiful, Energetic, and Amazing, but I guess I’ll share more with you. This was my third time seeing Magic Man in Toronto and it was still as exciting and energetic as the first time I saw them. They opened their set with the dialogue of their song ‘Texas’  and it was a great way to pump the crowd up as they walked out. The fans knew the dialogue and everyone knew it was show-time. All of the band members exploded with energy. The crowd also went wild when they played songs off their latest album ‘Before the Waves’, and an old song, ‘Nova Scotia’, off of their EP ‘You are Here’. I danced and sang along to each of their songs with no shame. However, when Magic Man played their song ‘Honey’…I lost it and I’m pretty sure everyone else did too. The song is infectious on their album, but seeing them play it live made my heart burst. They ended their set with this hit single ‘Paris’ and it was a sing and dance-along party.

Smallpools were SO. MUCH. FUN. I’m still re-living that night. With two great bands performing before their set, they performed like the night just started. They opened with ‘No Story Time’ and the crowd went wild. Everyone was dancing, clapping, and singing along with their catchy songs. When Smallpools played ‘Mason Jar’, I was one of those girls who jumped and screamed “This is my song!!”…Yeah, one of those girls, but I don’t regret it. They played all of their songs off their EP as well as new songs expected to be on their new album and I was digging them! Listening to their new songs for the first time live, such as ‘Bruce Lee’, ‘Karaoke’ and ‘What’s that a picture of’, got me excited for their new album. The audience received their new songs really well since the dancing didn’t stop at lyrics that they weren’t familiar with yet. You can’t underestimate an indie-pop band like Smallpools after seeing them live. With Sean on the keys and vocals, Mike on the guitar, Joe on the bass and Beau on the drums, they performed really well. Beau even had a drum solo which was awesome, and a great way to show off his talent. They were amazing. I don’t know how else to prove to whoever is reading this other than getting yourself to one of their shows ASAP. I know I’m definitely going to their next show when they come to Toronto.

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Review by Tiffany Lee (@t4nee)

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