You’ve GOT to Hear This: Surfalot – “My My Oh My”

Photo: Olav Stubberud | Design/Cover: Kristin Stubberud

The Nordic countries are fast becoming the source of a lot of excellent new music at the moment. Whilst not yet receiving the attention that certain other areas of the world receive, this region is responsible for a number of exciting new artists and bands, including the likes of NEØV and Satellite Stories (Finland); MØ (Denmark); Mapei and Say Lou Lou (Sweden); Ásgeir (Iceland) as well as Anna of the North  and Eye Emma Jedi (Norway). With relative ease it was simple to name a diverse and talented number of up-and-coming acts who you’re sure to hear about in the future.

After a few (okay, maybe a lot of) repeated listens to the first track from 21-year-old Norwegian singer-songwriter Bendik Johnsrud, who goes by the name Surfalot, it’s a no-brainer to add another name to this list. Hailing from Rykkinn (not far from Oslo), the name comes from Johnsrud’s love of a sport he describes as “honest, pretty chilled but difficult”. The love of surfing and all that it entails is clearly applied to debut single ‘My My Oh My’.

Written during his time in Liverpool, ‘My My Oh My’ is a track about freedom and the ability to dance with a carefree attitude. Taught guitar by Eye Emma Jedi’s Andrew Baardsen, this single combines xylophones, synth and drum lines with a hefty dose of sunshine, it’s possible to make vocal comparisons to Of Monsters and Men’s Ragnar Þórhallsson. With a video recorded and produced by longtime friend Olav Stubberud (as youngsters they stole Chupa Chups), ‘My My Oh My’ is a dainty burst of dream pop ready for your wish-it-was-Summer/start-of-Autumn playlist, making this a perfect time to get a little Surfalot in your life.

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Review by Ollie Salter | @ollie_salter_

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