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The Outer Vibe
Howdy AMBY and Friends,

The Outer Vibe here, checking in from the third coast of America; Grand Rapids, Michigan. Last time we played in Toronto was in 2012 at Canadian Music fest.  It’s one of our favorite cities to visit and to play in. It’s such an inspiring lively city and there are countless beautiful people.

We love traveling across the US and into Canada to inspire us. All of us ride motorcycles far and wide for new material to write about in songs. With our last Wild West adventure, we realized we needed to change directions musically. We wanted to better capture the feeling of traveling across the Great Plains.

To help capture this new direction we hired San-Francisco based producer Brad Dollar (The National, Bob Weir). With the help of Brad’s west coast outlook and the help of a few Irish car bombs, we realized where our sound needed to go.

We sought to mix the “Fist Full of Dollars” cinematic sound with the energy of old Motown records. For an extra twist, we wanted a dose of west coast reverb. After writing and recording for the entire month of May in 2014, we ended up with a sound we call Cinematic-Surf-Disco.

“Shining Like A Diamond” is the first song/video released of the Outer Vibe’s revamped sound. During December, we will record additional new tunes for the next album due in 2015. Have fun listening to the new single and let’s stay in touch. We love new friends and can’t wait to come back to Toronto in 2015.


The Outer Vibe


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