You’ve GOT To Hear This: Stealing Signs – “Meet Me in Montauk”

I’ve known Stealing Signs for about 9 years. I’ve known them since they were called Spudwinkles and comprehensively trounced my dreadful teenage band Closure in a battle of the bands (Please don’t look us up. Please.) They were always the slightly older, infinitely better band to us, and while we struggled to match up to their talents and eventually split up and moved onto other things (if you can’t do, write!) they stayed together. Much like a fine wine, or just a group of people who know each other very well and play music together, the band has only matured in the subsequent time. They are a formidably tight outfit, having gone so far beyond simply complimenting each-other’s styles as to actually having melded into a singular musical machine that churns out danceable indie tunes on a regular basis. Their music is all start-stops and jutting angles – It’s almost acrobatically rhythmical, jumping here and there and demonstrating incredible craft and talent, but crucially, they manage all this while remaining firmly within the confines of good taste and great pop music, never straying into the arrogant showboating that can befall musicians who are good at what they do.

Their new EP, Language is available to buy and stream right now on iTunes and Spotify respectively, and it is yet another testament to the band’s expertly honed abilities. The production is pristinely smooth, allowing the group’s impossibly taut arrangements to speak for themselves and letting the full impact of its heaviest moments hit you right where it should. The obvious highlight here is the quite beautiful “Meet Me in Montauk” – a subdued, shimmering ballad, enough to warm the cockles of even the Scroogiest among us. We have an exclusive stream of it below so give it a listen and you might just get the urge to run through the streets of London in nought but a nightgown, a freshly roasted goose held high above your head. God bless us, everyone.

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Review by Tom Klar | @tom_klar

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