You’ve GOT to Hear This: The Antlers – “Hotel”

The Antlers
Given that I am listening to music essentially every minute I am i) not in class ii) not at work iii) not having an intense conversation with someone or iv) asleep, I am amazed at how often I still find myself surprised and captivated.  Always on the hunt for something to suit the mood, I have created well over 50 playlists and love when a song manages to catches me off guard and grip my attention.  It’s wonderfully surprising when a song comes on that fits my mood just right, and this can happen on many levels.  Sometimes the lyrics fit just right, other times it’s the atmosphere of the song, many times it’s hard to describe but it’s just what you need to hear.

Spending my Friday afternoon trudging through hours and hours of readings, I decided to shuffle my ‘ambient indie’ playlist.  I eventually came across a tune that was so transporting, I sat and stared at my books for those five minutes and just listened.  To be honest I nearly forgot I was in a library… it was pretty amazing.

The song was “Hotel” by The Antlers.

Within a few seconds the heavy base, jazzy guitar, and steady drums had me hooked.  The combination of smooth vocals, subtle cursing, deceptively simple lyrics, and hauntingly eerie (yet beautiful) pitch were perfect.  From start to finish “Hotel” is a song impeccably suited to autumn.  Looking out the window I realized it just started to rain, so I looped the track and took in all its personified wonder.

If you’re looking for an ambient track immaculately matched with November walks, talks, and reads, then you’ve GOT to hear this!

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