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Twin Atlantic
Glasgow foursome Twin Atlantic released their third alternative-rock album Great Divide earlier this summer. Currently on The Great Divide Tour, the band will play Toronto’s The Edge Jingle Ball on December 10th. Ahead of the show, A Music Blog, Yea? spoke with bass guitarist and pianist Ross McNae to discuss the new album, wanting to work with Glasvegas and Dave Grohl, flag compilations, and having soup on their rider. Enjoy:

AMBY: Hey Twin Atlantic, thanks for speaking with us today. What’s the band been up to lately?

Twin Atlantic: We’ve released our new record, played loads of festivals over the summer, and today is the first day of The Great Divide Tour that takes us round the UK, all across Europe, Canada, and the US all before Christmas.

AMBY: You recently released your third record Great Divide, congrats! What’s your favorite memory from the writing or recording process?

Twin Atlantic: Cheers! It’s been a massive part of our lives for the last two years so we couldn’t be more relaxed now that it is out. We spent three months last summer in Wales making the real bones of the record and it was the first time we’d made a record outside of LA, so that was pretty special. There was a really intense feeling around the studio. Loads of massive records have been made there over the years from Queen records to Coldplay and Oasis records. You can really feel the history in the studio and all of the accommodation around the old farm. I think those months were a very special time for us. We finished the record just outside of LA after having a break from it from a month, and my real lasting memory of the whole record was sitting in JCKNF Lee’s studio hearing “Heart and Soul” starting to sound like a finished song and having that shared moment of, “I think we have something here.” It was a really powerful feeling between us all in the room that I’ll never forget.

AMBY: When it comes to the record’s title, what’s the significance behind Great Divide?

Twin Atlantic: A lot of people have read into it in different ways with Scotland having an independence referendum this year, but honestly it’s about the transition between childhood and adulthood. It’s about what it’s like to be in your mid-twenties trying to find your place in the world. It’s literally about the two halves of making the record and striving for something more than we’ve ever had before. I think it sums up every aspect of the band and our personal lives over the past few years and puts them in a box that we can carry around the world with us for the next couple of years touring.

AMBY: If the band could invite any two people to guest on a forthcoming album, who would you choose?

Twin Atlantic: I think something interesting with James from Glasvegas. He’s even more Scottish than Sam. Either that or a song with two drummers and the second drummer would be Mr. Dave Grohl.

AMBY: You recently announced the winners of your Great Divide flag compilation. How did the competition idea come around? Which was your personal favourite?

Twin Atlantic: The artwork for the record is four flags that come together to make a whole and we wanted to extend that from the four of us in the band to the people that have joined our family across the world by coming to see our shows or getting one of our records. The idea grew arms and legs and we ended up having thousands of people designing their own using the generator. I can’t remember my exact favourite I’m afraid.

AMBY: Which other artists from Glasgow would you recommend our readers listen to?

Twin Atlantic: We have so many artists breaking out into the world all the time. Over the last couple of years there’s been Chvrches and Frightened Rabbit, before that there was Glasgvegas, Biffy Clyro are smashing it just now, then there’s bands like Fatherson that are really starting to cause waves. It’s an amazing city to be from and we’re all really proud of it.

AMBY: The band played a few festivals over the summer. If you could curate your own festival, who would be in the line-up?

Twin Atlantic: I would have Death From Above 1979, Ben Howard, Kasabian, Phoenix, Alt-J and Queens Of The Stone Age. All boxes ticked and covered.

AMBY: Lastly, what’s something about Twin Atlantic that nobody knows yet?

Twin Atlantic: We have a lot of soup on our rider. Give a man a soup and he’ll be a happy man.


Thank you Twin Atlantic, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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