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Close Talker
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In a recent interview, A Music Blog, Yea? spoke with Saskatoon-based quartet Close Talker to discuss the release of their excellent new record Flux (released on November 4th), favourite lyrics, the Harry Potter series, cliff diving, and living diverse lives! Dive into our conversation below:

AMBY: Hey Close Talker, welcome to AMBY. Please introduce yourselves to our readers.

Close Talker: Hey this is Will.  I am the lead singer and also play guitar.  The band consists of myself, Matthew, who plays guitar, keys and vocals, Chris, who plays drums and vocals, and Jerms, who plays bass and vocals.

AMBY: Your sound has been compared to the likes of Local Natives and Half Moon Run. How would you describe your sound to those unfamiliar with your music?

Close Talker: We feel very honored to be associated with bands such as those you mentioned.  They are some of our biggest influences and we respect their songs so much.  For those who haven’t heard of us, we usually classify our genre as ambient indie pop, as generic as that sounds. We like to add lots of different ambient, reverb sounds to our songs that usually come in the form of guitar, while still maintaining catchy hooks and other “pop” elements.

AMBY: You just released your second album Flux, congrats! What was the most exciting and challenging aspect of making it come to life?

Close Talker: Thank you so much! We truly appreciate all the support we have been getting.  Most exciting aspect for myself was actually being at the studio.  We recorded at Breakglass in the mile end of Montreal and being able to spend a month there, away from everything else and just focus on recording was something I will never forget.  It really allowed us to come together as a band and put all our efforts into making this record.  I feel that for records moving forward, I definitely want to strive to make them in a place other than where we live.  It allowed us to get completely into the mindset of recording and made us feel more comfortable with the whole recording process.  The most challenging aspect was probably writing the entire thing.  Matthew and I were going to college in British Columbia at the time, which made writing incredibly difficult.  We really wanted to make the writing process more of collaboration with all four of us (which we did) but it meant that all the free time we had at Christmas break turned into us being away from our friends and families and writing songs all day.

AMBY: When it comes to the title, what’s the significance behind calling the album Flux?

Close Talker: Flux means being in periods of change. This album is exactly that for us. It marks a change in the band in writing style and sound, but also how it has affected our immediate lives and perspectives and plans and futures. This band has greatly affected all of our lives in different ways.  From relationships to jobs, to even how we operate in our everyday lives, putting this band as more of a priority has changed a lot of things and that is what most of the songs are largely about.

AMBY: I read how you wanted to make the lyrics on this record more meaningful to yourselves. Which lyric off Flux is your personal favourite?

Close Talker: Personally I really enjoy Blurring days.  That song, for the most part, came together entirely in the studio. I wrote those lyrics the day we were set to record vocals and they are some of my favourite lyrics on the record.  They are mostly about a relationship that I am in with my girlfriend and how I have come to appreciate each season of the relationship that has happened, and the excitement I have for upcoming seasons of my relationship with her and overall, my friends and family in the future.  In a lot of ways, the song symbolizes a feeling of content – being content with each season of the relationships I am in.

AMBY: In support of the album’s release, you’re currently on a Flux Tour. What are some things the band like to do for fun while on the road?

Close Talker: Great question! As of right now we are currently engulfed in the Harry Potter series on audiobook.  Last tour, we finished off the full Chronicles of Narnia series and Harry Potter has definitely not disappointed thus far! We have found that audiobooks are a great way to kill time on the road and we end up getting really invested in them and the characters haha.  If anyone reading this has some good requests of book series we should start listening to next, let us know!  We also enjoy going cliff diving in the summers and are always on the look-out for cool diving spots in the cities we travel to.

AMBY: Lastly, what’s something about Close Talker that nobody knows yet?

Close Talker: Another great question!  Individually aside from Close Talker, we actually all have pretty diverse lives.  Chris is studying to be a chemical engineer and one of the smartest people I’ve ever known.  Matt used to call him “Brain” in elementary school.  He also has his second degree black belt in taekwondo.  Jerms is a scientist and does research at the Syncotron at the university.  He also is a freakishly good tennis player and has a tattoo of a German pin-up girl riding a pretzel.  Matthew has his third-degree black belt in taekwondo and also knows more about the Bible most people.   He also has received more comments on his facial hair than anyone I know yet all he can grow is a 70’s perv stache.  And I myself, played volleyball for 3 years in college, which is one of my greatest passions, and have a really hard time finding jeans that can fit my extremely long legs.


November 29 Vancouver, BC – Biltmore Cabaret
November  30 Portland, OR – White Eagle
December 01 Seattle, WA – Rendezvous
December 02 Victoria, BC – Lucky Bar
December 03 Kelowna, BC – Habitat 12/04
December 04 Red Deer, AB – Bo’s Bar & Grill
December 05 Calgary, AB – The Palomino Smokehouse
December 06 Edmonton, AB – The Starlite
December 11 Regina, SK – The Exchange
December 12 Saskatoon, SK – Capitol Music Club
December 13 Saskatoon, SK – Capitol Music Club


Thank you Close Talker, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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