Concert Review: The Franklin Electric @ Théâtre Petit Champlain – Quebec City

The Franklin Electric
Purchasing The Franklin Electric passes was even better than buying the winning lottery ticket. I had been looking forward to the 15th ever since I saw the band open for City and Colour back in August, and waiting for this day to come seemed endless. After the performance they delivered, one thing is certain: it was definitely worth the wait.

The moment Jon Matte picked up his signature trumpet and played the first notes to ‘Uninvited’ was comparable to entering the gates of Heaven (not kidding here). The Petit Théâtre was soon filled with cheers as ‘Seventeen’, ‘Strongest Man Alive’ and other crowd favourites were played perfectly. By the time ‘Old Piano’ started, nothing but good vibes surrounded us as we were clapping and singing along to the catchy tune and the additional trumpet solo, which made it the perfect way to end the first half of the show.

We had no idea we were in for a huge treat for the second part, as the band opened again with new material that will make the wait for the second album more than unbearable. With a charismatic personality and cute English accent, Jon didn’t hesitate to speak to us in French and express how happy he was with the whole experience. There’s nothing better than an artist truly communicating with the audience and The Franklin Electric get major points for it. Soulful and emotional lyrics then followed with ‘Running’ and the big hit ‘This Is How I Let You Down’ took us on a rollercoaster of feelings — it was a memorable moment where we felt every note played vibrating in our bones.

After screaming our lungs out and clapping ‘til our hands were numb, we were lucky enough to get two call backs that were nothing but exceptional. An acoustic version of ‘Show Me The Quiet Air’ was pure musical witchcraft and exposed their talent raw. Saving the best for last, they played ‘Unsatisfied’ to close what was a great night of good music and endless cheers.

Between taking pictures and signing merch after the show, the intimate venue us a chance to catch up with the band (raddest dudes ever by the way) and scored me two hugs plus a signed poster (yay)!

The inevitable post-concert depression fell hard like a piano on my head. This was without a doubt one of the best live performances I’ve ever attended. The Franklin Electric now owns one of the most memorable nights of my life.

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Review by Sandra Tomaylla | @sandruhhhh_ 

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