Concert Review + Photos: Natasha North @ The Key Club – Leeds

Natasha North
Up and coming alternative pop singer Natasha North has released a new EP ‘Fire’. The singer has a raw talent, individual, modern, style and an ever growing fan base especially from her previous EP ‘Gather and Run’ ‘Fire’ has four wonderful tracks including ‘The End’ and ‘Lessons Learned’. The lyrics for each track have a strong foundation as they are not cliché, but clever. Natasha  characterises the genre of alternative pop on this EP, as she has understood it perfectly. Not only is ‘Fire’ a must to download, but the successful singer has delivered remarkable, heart-warming, live shows such as at the Royal Albert Hall and Reading and Leeds festival, alongside BBC Radio 1.

Natasha North
Despite a criminally small audience at The Key Club in Leeds North offered up an incredibly strong performance with a controlled voice that could range from soft croons to a deeper, dictating voice which would cut through the playful guitar and speak directly to the listener.

Natasha North
Everything about North seemed open and friendly, including her songs. North was happy to explain the meanings behind her lyrics, making each song more available to the audience. There is a beautiful uncomplicatedness about her lyrically, all about characteristics of life that all can narrate to, whether that be heartache or feeling lost. Natasha North’s isn’t just your average young woman with average everyday struggles who happens to be a talented musician, whether North was playing light-hearted or emotional songs, each one stood out well on stage. She’s exceptional and one for the future. Worth keeping an eye on:

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