You’ve GOT to Hear This: Luh – “Unites”

The ever-clandestine Ellery Roberts is back.

After leaving mysterious Mancunians WU LYF in 2012, Roberts turned up solo last year, and emphatically so, with the release of the stand-taking Kerou’s Lament. His latest offering however sees him collaborating once more, and this time under a different acronym.

Consisting of Roberts and partner Ebony Hoorn, new project LUH. Lost Under Heaven released their first track, Unites, last month. As ever, Ellery’s gravelly howl sits atop an epic backdrop, slow building and full of room, allowing for his distinct vocals to really be felt.

So far, so WU LYF? But there is one difference. With Unites, Roberts appears to be softening. Perhaps his clarion call, littered throughout his lyrics, has been answered. Indeed, the presence in Unites of a modified couplet from WU LYF’s last offering, Triumph, is very telling. Originally reading ‘I know you want to make something of this great longing called life/ Like your heart’s drunk on kerosene and all you need is a light’, the you has now become we and Roberts’ heart is inebriated; he has found his own light.

Review by Adam Steel | @AdamSteeeel

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