Five Favourite Fab Gigs: Bi:Lingual


Dylan Teague, George Louca, Aaron Lythe, and Stephanos Louca are Bi:Lingual, a rock and roll/hip-hop group hailing from Middlesbrough. We love this band for their fusing of genres and humour, and are stoked to have our readers learn more about them below. Enjoy, as the foursome tell A Music Blog, Yea? about their all-time favourite gigs.


1 – Supporting Dead Sons at Doctor Browns, Middlesbrough

BL - 1 - Supporting Dead Sons at Doctor Browns

We were given the opportunity to open for one of our favourite bands in our hometown after just a few months of being a band. The night turned into us drinking, laughing, talking music with them and planning more shows together. Plans which unfortunately never became a reality, as not long after they released their first and final album. RIP Dead Sons.

2 – Allusondrugs ‘Nervous’ single release at Black Bull, Castleford

BL - 2 -  Allusondrugs 'Nervous' single release at Black Bull

We turned up to this pub in Allusondrugs hometown, Castleford. We were greeted with a full venue, crowdsurfing, moshpits, and demands for an encore. This was our first of many gigs with AUOD, later gigs would include blow up dolls, inflatable penis’, whiplash injuries and broken instruments.

3 – Teesside Student Union Bar

BL - 3 - Teesside Student Union Bar

We almost cancelled this show on the day, due to Dylan being hospitalised by illness. Instead, we turned up without Dylan who would later convince his nurse to let him out for some fresh air. He then taxi’d his way to the venue 10 minutes before stage time and played the show in nothing but a hospital gown and a hoody.

4 – Supporting DZ Deathrays at The Keys, Middlesbrough

BL - 4 - Supporting DZ Deathrays at The Keys

We had just released our debut single ‘Subject Number’ and given the opportunity to support another of our favourite bands in our hometown. We brought with us a friend dressed as a sailor, ready to workout on stage (as seen in the subject number video) and were met with a huge, lively crowd.

5 – The Dublin Castle, Camden

BL - 5 - The Dublin Castle

It would be rude to talk about our 5 most memorable gigs and not mention our least favourite. We had a 7/8 hour journey to get to Camden, only to turn up and realise we were supporting an Italian ‘Zombie Metal’ band, which apparently there isn’t much of a demand for in London. They wore pretend dirt make-up and started their songs with a story playing through an iPod. We opened the show, playing to almost nobody, and had a 7/8 hour journey to get back home. The worst part is that KFC was closed on the way home.


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