You’ve GOT to Hear This: Will Robert – “Best Laid Plans”

Will Robert
Have you ever heard the phrase “if a street performer makes you stop in the street you owe them a buck?”. A friend of mine and I were walking through the cobblestone streets in Cambridge, England when we heard a street performer that make us quite literally stop in our tracks. That performer was Will Robert. He is a Cambridge-based singer- songwriter, and he has quite a loyal following on his social media accounts. And it comes to no surprise considering his unbelievable talent. I can tell you that on that day in Cambridge, we made sure to buy Will’s EP “Mosaic”, but if you love his stuff like I do, I urge you to go buy his album, “Transitions” as soon as you can. 

One of his songs off his EP, “Best Laid Plans”, is one of my favorites. I find that Will has real power with just using his voice and his guitar. I noticed that his voice has a very Ed Sheeran vibe to it, but there is still a unique twist he spins on it! This song, has a very happy and positive feel to. Will talks about seeing through with what you want in life, and not giving up, no matter how many obstacles stand in your way. So basically following your heart no matter what. 

Will has a very classic vibe to him and it really transpires into his music. Personally, I feel that if he added in more effects into his music it would ruin the intimacy that his music creates. And I think that’s what he is looking for. Best laid plans starts off with a 20 second acoustic solo, then he bridges the guitar playing to music by subtly tapping his guitar, and before you know it, Will’s voice flows just as smooth as you would expect it too. Bring in the perfectly crafted lyrics and you have nothing less of a perfect song to drive around with the top down on your car on a hot summer day. This song will carry nothing but positivity through your speakers, and I’m so happy that I ended up stopping in Cambridge that day, or else I wouldn’t be sharing his voice with you all. 

Review by Alex Hay | @alex_hayy

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