You’ve GOT to Hear This: Forever Losing Sleep – “I Lost Myself Again”

Forever Losing Sleep
Forever Losing Sleep is an emotional post rock band from New Jersey. The band consists of 
Joe on vocals, Fred, Adam and Anthony on guitar, Aaron on bass, and Noel on drums.

I recently had the opportunity to listen to their new album I Lost Myself Again. My favorite tracks are Esprit D’ Escalier and Twitch. Many of the songs have a dark and melancholic tone. 

Love. Confusion. Desperation. These are themes that permeate the album as Joe sings “You taught me how to love again” and “I ran away I ran away from you”. When you see the band live, they sound even heavier than the recorded version. 

The album as whole is a bit melancholic but I found it highly relatable. I’ve felt this dark place. The sense of hopelessness. Feeling lost and without purpose. The band is clearly talking to someone. But who? I hope to interview the band and find out what these songs are really about.

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Review by Matt Palermo | @FiendTheMovie

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