Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Josh Pyke

Josh Pyke
Before recording new material for a forthcoming record in March, A Music Blog, Yea? spoke with multi ARIA award-winning singer-songwriter Josh Pyke. Dive into our conversation below as we discuss proudest achievements, writing for other artists, and his latest album. Enjoy:

AMBY: Hey Josh, welcome to our website! Where does our interview find you today?

Josh Pyke: I’m at home today, just getting ready to head out for some final regional shows in Australia before a big break from the road.

AMBY: You released your latest record The Beginning and the End of Everything last year. What are your thoughts on the album now that there’s been more than a year to reflect on it?

Josh Pyke: I love it! I’m super proud of it, and it’s a been a great record to perform live over the last year or so…. It’s always a good barometer for a record if you’re really sick of the songs by the end of a tour, but I can thankfully say I’m not.

AMBY: You recently dropped a new single titled Leeward Side. Is there also an album or EP in the works? If so, when can fans expect to hear it?

Josh Pyke: Yeah, I’m going to be starting a new record in March. I’ve got 20 new songs, and want to break that down to a solid 10 track record. Very excited by what’s been coming forth from the ether so far.

AMBY: Aside from your original material, you’ve dabbled in multiple collaborations. Do you find it easier or more difficult to channel a sound/write music for yourself rather than another artist?

Josh Pyke: I probably find it more challenging writing for myself, because i have to be fully emotionally engaged with what I’m coming up with. That’s a pretty rare space to continue to find. Whereas writing for someone else, they can guide that aspect of the song, and I can focus more on the production elements, or refining the structure, and tinker with lyrics, but allow the other writer to take the lead in theme etc. Writing for myself is more challenging but also ultimately more satisfying when it comes out well.

AMBY: With many awards and accolades under your belt, what’s your personal proudest achievement to date?

Josh Pyke: As clichéd as it is, my family is my proudest achievement. It’s kinda no good being a success at anything if you’re a miserable, lonely, self destructive “artist”, and so having (mostly) avoided that alternative life has been a proud achievement!

AMBY: Which other singer-songwriters from Australia should we keep our eyes on?

Josh Pyke: Dustin Tebbutt, Patrick James, GOVS, Eves, Meg Mac. There’s heaps of great stuff coming out of Oz.

AMBY: Lastly, what’s something about Josh Pyke that nobody knows yet?

Josh Pyke: If there’s something people don’t know about me by now, I’m keeping it that way.


Thank you Josh Pyke, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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