Video Premiere: Jacob Perlmutter – “When You’re Alone”

Jacob Perlmutter
Today we’re delighted to premiere When You’re Alone, the fourth music video release from London-based alternative-pop artist Jacob Perlmutter. Taken from his debut album Meanwhile, In Rio (available for free download from Perlmutter’s website), this self-directed video features a 61 year-old dancer who energetically roams a beach at sunset. With an infectious song, gorgeous sunset, and kinetic moves, what more could you want from a video release? Watch the premiere for When You’re Alone on A Music Blog, Yea? below!

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One thought on “Video Premiere: Jacob Perlmutter – “When You’re Alone”

  1. It is a beautiful beach on which I often dance. I was surprised and delighted to be ask to take part in Jacob’s “When you’re alone” music video. It was a great 61st birthday present.

    Dancing is one of the great joys of life, but so few people are brave enough to do it in public. They’ll run 20 miles for any cause, but ask them to move their legs in time with music and fear overwhelms them.

    Everyone should dance.

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